February 16, 2023

1 Min Read


PS4: 143 mb, Xbox One: 143 mb, PC: 143 mb




  • Changes to Left Heavy Finisher and Left Red Moon:
    • Recoveries are now 1266ms, up from 1066ms
    • Chain link timings to Astro Flips are now static at 900ms, up from 600ms to 700ms
    • Chain link timings to Light, Heavy and Zone Attack are now from 600ms to 700ms, up from 500ms to 600ms
    • Fixed an issue which made it impossible to select which stance to attack from when chaining to Light Heavy and Zone Attack openers
  • Changes to Left Heavy Finisher and Left Red Moon Pins:
    • Duration is now 833ms, up from 700ms
    • Now wallsplats from 100ms to 300ms, up from 100ms to 500ms
    • Now moves backwards less

Developer's Comment: With these changes, Afeera should no longer be able to Astro Flip sideways to infinitely chain into Astro Kick Flip or Knockout Punch at any timing.

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