March 19, 2021

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Hero Overview Series

Greetings, Warriors! For Honor contains a large roster of heroes, each with their own move sets, abilities, and roles within any given team composition. With Year 5 officially underway, YouTuber Freeze has teamed up with Gameplan to help give an overview and guide of each hero. Whether you’re new to the For Honor community and trying to find which hero to start with, a player interested in switching up your hero selection in your next match, or just looking for extra tips to bring the play of your favorite hero to the next level, then this is for you!

Check out the videos below where you can find a breakdown of each Warrior, as well as a few key points and things to remember when facing off against your opponents.


  • Feints are the name of the game with Ara and can easily chain on a hit. Just be wary of your stamina as it can drain easily while doing this
  • Use Blade Blockade to disrupt opponents like Kensei, and Nobushi
  • Combining a healing point with Ara's smoke bomb makes him incredibly difficult to get rid of, so use this to your advantage


  • If you can feint a heavy, his lights become faster, putting further emphasis on Beserker's aggressive playstyle
  • Powerful ledging capabilities with his deflect if used properly in the environment
  • His easy to use zone attack can be effective in ganks 

Black Prior

  • Use Bullwark Counter when possible!
  • However, it can be disrupted by guardbreak, so be mindful of when/where you use it
  • Great team-oriented feats that can heal allies and grant temporary invulnerability


  • Use charged punches and kick to keep pressure on your opponents
  • Phenomenal in ganks, so join in if you see allies engaging in one, and be sure to use Cent's Pugio feat to stun your foe and leave them open for a gank
  • Great tracking when chasing down feeling opponents


  • Full Block is the only way Conq can feint his attacks
  • Conq's zone attack is efficient in clearing mid lane and can't be interrupted by normal attacks
  • Great 1v1 hero, but don't chase down fleeing opponents as Conq doesn't have the speed to catch up efficiently


  • Use quick lights and unblockables to put pressure on your foes who are low or out of stamina
  • Good 1v1 hero, but ganking is where you'll want to place your focus
  • In team fights, watch out use Glad's speed to chase down low HP opponents trying to run away from the fight


  • Gryphon is phenomenal in team fights thanks to his dodge attack
  • Utilize your healing feats when facing off against opponents who use bleed attacks, as it'll not only heal you and any teammates nearby, but also negate any bleeding effects
  • Gryphon will find more success in team fights than 1v1s


  • Study your opponent to understand which stance is more effective against them
  • Highlander is a hybrid, useful in 1v1s, ganks, and clearing mid lane
  • Spear Storm is an incredibly dangerous tier 4 feat. If used at the right time, it can turn the tide of the battle

Jiang Jun

  • Unblockable sweeping heavies are where JJ shines
  • Due to many of JJ's moves eating stamina, use Sifu Stance to grant stamina regeneration
  • Great in team fights, but staying in Sifu Stance too long will leave you in a venerable state


  • Use bashes and grabs to drain your opponent's stamina
  • Feats and perks make Jorm a great team fighter
  • Bash based heroes tend to excell against Jormmungandr in 1v1s, so avoid them if you can


  • Team modes are where Kensei shines, as his heavies and lights can hit multiple opponents at once
  • Zone attack can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon, so be sure to utilize it if you're getting ganked
  • Great mid lane clearer. Farm minions if you need to unlock some of your feats faster!


  • Very defensive playstyle, high health pool
  • Posesses the only stun mixup in the game
  • Use LB's impale to set your teamates up for hits during ganks


  • Complex move set, so be patient when learning
  • Use Way of the Shark to deal extra damage on bleeding opponents
  • Great zone attack that's deadly in team fights and is great for mid-laning


  • Agressive 1v1 playstyle due to her fast lights and trap mechanic
  • The trap mechanic only works when your opponent is guarding, so be on the lookout for which stance your enemy is in
  • Nuxia's tier 2 feat Caltrops is a dangerous tool in her arsenal and effective in both 1v1s and team fights


  • Storm Rush is key in Orochi’s arsenal, use it!
  • Recovery Cancel and top heavy are where Orochi finds success, but mix them up to avoid becoming predictable
  • Orochi’s dodge attacks are highly punishable if used at the wrong time


  • Use bleeding attacks to open up PK’s arsenal and enhance her lights
  • Due to her lower HP stay on the outskirts of team fights, chipping away at opponents when the opportunity arises
  • Use her speed to chase down fleeing enemies!


  • Bleeding your opponent is the key to Shaman’s move set which allows her to heal, and gain access to Predator’s Mercy
  • Predator’s Mercy can also be heavily punished if used at the wrong time, so use sparingly
  • In Dominion, use Shaman to gank enemies isolated from their teammates


  • Chi Stance is Shaolin’s main mixup tool which can be utilized after any non-finisher attack
  • While versatile, it’s difficult to gain ground using Chi Stance against heavily defensive opponents, so mix up your tactics and be patient when waiting for an opening
  • Use Shaolin’s tier 4 feat in Breach to quickly capture the banner and potentially turn the tide of the match!


  • Shinobi’s ranged attacks are high risk/high reward, so don’t put yourself in a position to be punished off of them
  • Deadly on the edge of team fights. Use your ranged attacks to catch those who put themselves in your sights
  • Shinobi’s pinning moves combine well with ally moves during ganks


  • When in a jam, use Demon’s Embrace to regain health from your enemies!
  • Shugo’s unblockable heavies are deadly in team fights
  • His Staggering Blow feat is a great compliment to his kit, but can also interrupt teammates


  • Tiandi is the For Honor dodge specialist, so use this to your advantage
  • Tiandi’s kit isn’t suitable for team fights, so reserve him for 1v1s in team modes
  • He’s great at stalling opponents thanks to his thanks to his dodge attacks


  • Valkyrie’s kit consists of Superior Block on her lights, a stunning dodge attack and soft feinted bashes
  • Be careful, Valkryrie’s moves cost considerable amounts of stamina, so use wisely!
  • Be wary of teammates when using Valk’s sweep attack as it can also interrupt your teammates moves


  • Warden’s Shoulder Bash can be used as an offensive weapon or defensively
  • Be careful using Warden’s back dodge shoulder bash in team fights as it’s easily interruptible!
  • Use Warden’s tier 2 feat Thick Blood to counter opponents who apply the bleeding effect on their hits


  • Warlord’s lights have Superior Block
  • Incredibly useful and dangerous in team fights
  • Use Crashing Charge to throw your opponents, or even ledge them!


  • Warmonger’s charge bash is a key portion of her kit. Use it after her enhanced lights.
  • Use Warmongers Corruption Feat in team fights to split opponents and force ganks or 1v1s
  • Warmonger’s Tier 4 feat corrupts all opponents in her vicinity and is more effective in Breach.


  • Wide variety of dodge attacks
  • Possess the only unblockable Light Finisher in the game. It’s a risky move, so use only when necessary
  • Great mid lane clearer with a Zone Attack which is also extremely effective in team fights

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