January 25, 2024

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Warrior’s Den Recap January 26th, 2024

Excitement filled the latest Warrior's Den as we delved into the details of the upcoming Hero and the extensive content of Year 7, Season 4's Title Update 2. Scheduled for launch on February 1st, TU2 promises a plethora of features, including a new Hero, new Armor Variations, Hero Fests and Patch Notes. Additionally, we'll provide you with a high-level overview of what to expect in Year 8. For more in-depth discussions, don't forget to explore the [Warrior's Den Y7S TU2 VOD] (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2043247262?t=00h09m58s).

Year 8 Sneak Peek

Year 8 is set to kick off on March 14th, featuring a structured format with four seasons. Excitingly, players can anticipate the introduction of two new heroes and new hero skins. Notably, heroes will be introduced in Seasons 2 and 4, body type locked.

Something new in Year 8 is the addition of converted maps. The plan is to transform non-Dominion maps into Dominion maps. Throughout the year, two maps are scheduled for conversion. The goal is to make the pool of Dominion maps bigger.

An addition to our offer in Year 8 is the Legacy Pass, which brings back previous battle passes in chronological order. For example, in Year 8, Season 1, players can purchase or continue the Year 4 Season 1 battle pass and progress through it. This pattern continues with subsequent seasons, allowing players to maintain their old progressions and progress through multiple passes simultaneously. The Legacy Pass includes a tier 101 that consolidates all retrofitted content for heroes not initially part of the Battle Pass. The Legacy Pass will be $9.99 US or included in the Battle Bundle, which retains its cost at $24.99 US. The battle bundle will now consist of the 2 passes, unlocks 25 tiers in both passes, and offers a 20% Battle Pass Boost.

[FH] News - WD Recap Jan 25 Roadmap

For a quick recap of what was covered in TU1, check out our November 30th article here.

"The oath bought and sold is worth no coin at all."

The Varangian Guards' journey is encapsulated by the phrase, This mantra reflects their steadfast dedication, emphasizing that their loyalty cannot be compromised by monetary gains.

Originating from distant lands beyond Heathmoor, the Varangian Guards, a group of mercenary Vikings, have flourished. United by an unwavering commitment, these warriors are renowned for their absolute loyalty. Once they pledge an oath, there is no wavering; they remain steadfastly true to both their client and themselves.

As they ventured into uncharted territories, these formidable fighters transcended their Viking roots, embracing the role of mercenaries. Despite this transformation, their Viking essence persists, evolving into something more - elite bodyguards possessing unparalleled combat skills.

In battle, the Varangian Guards epitomize protectors with unrivaled defensive prowess, making them invaluable assets in any conflict. Armed with axes and shields, they employ their distinctive defensive stance, Oathkeeper, to disable adversaries. Their combat finesse, finely honed over time, strikes a harmonious balance between refined skill and unbridled Viking ferocity.

The Hero will come with two sets and will be exclusively available for purchase starting February 1st for 7.99$ as a bundle that includes the Hero, one Ornament, one Elite Outfit, seven days of Champion Status and three scavenger crates. Players will also be able to unlock the hero starting February 14th for 15 000 Steel in-game.

In addition to the Varangian Guard and TU2 release, a free Event Pass: Varangian Guard's Pledge, will be available from February 1st to February 22nd. Exclusive, limited-time rewards will be available during this time such as an ornament, effect, and more.


In this Warrior's Den, we presented to you some of the changes that are going live at the launch of Y7S4 TU2. We suggest you watch this segment of the show in the VOD. Come back to read the full Patch Notes when released on February 1st.

That's it for this recap! Have fun with the release of the Varangian Guard and Y7S4 TU2 on February 1st and we'll see you next time for another recap!

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