December 15, 2022

1 Min Read

Yuletide - Twitch Drops

Twitch drops return in For Honor’s Y6S4, Frost Wind Nights, surprise For Honor 24h Holiday Yuletide Livestream! Please remember to link your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts, or you will not be able to receive the drops.

Starting today, December 15 at 12PM ET to December 16 at 12PM ET, the following Twitch drops will be active:

  • 1 Hour Watch Time = 2 XP Boosts and 1 Scavenger Crate
  • 2 Hours Watch Time = 4 XP Boosts and 1 Scavenger Crate
  • 4 Hours Watch Time = 6 XP Boosts and 1 Scavenger Crate
  • 6 Hours Watch Time = Melee Pack and 1,000 Steel
  • 10 Hours Watch Time = Combat Pack and 3,000 Steel

You will have 24h to watch and redeem your Twitch drops. Happy Holidays and enjoy the show.

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