The most ambitious post-launch plan in Far Cry history is on the way, with a robust mix of Free Content and Season Pass exclusives, all playable solo or with a fellow guerrilla in Co-op.

Licensed Missions

Danny Trejo

Team up and kick ass with Danny Trejo, first with a free story mission and then with our last extra spicy Special Operation, Malagua. Double trouble Danis are better than one.


How far would you go if you wanted to be Rambo? Join a Rambo superfan against the Yaran military in a blood-soaked rampage of vengeance straight out of an 80’s action blockbuster.

Stranger Things

Yarans are disappearing. People say a mysterious creature is to blame, and no one is safe – not even Chorizo! Join brand-new characters in a mind-bending trip into Yara’s Upside Down where nothing is what it seems...



Weekly Insurgencies

Starting from Day 1, track down Antón’s faithful soldiers in Weekly Insurgencies to stop them from taking Yara back – and snag some sweet new gear while you’re at it. Available after campaign completion.

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