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Glory awaits you – take the plunge!

Jump into the arena and become the master of physics. Compete in fast paced battles by yourself or with friends in various online game modes. Mix the jump, double jump and dash to perform mind blowing maneuvers! And with your weapon and special abilities, forge your path to victory!

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Impose your Core fighting style!

Select one weapon, ability and module among a large range of equipment and steer your Core into brightly colored arenas! Engage in frantic close combats with the STORM and the PULSER or control your enemies from a distance with the ORION and the VORTEX-5. You decide the way you roll out!


Each season of BattleCore Arena will bring its load of surprises!

With the Season Pass, look beyond the arena and earn incredible rewards to customize your Core and live the BattleCore Arena experience to the fullest! Winning’s good but winning with style is better!



Be the last team standing in this 3V3 Team Death Match where you share lives with your teammates.


Enter the highly competitive Q-Ball mode, where teamwork is key to catch and keep the Q-Ball to lead your team to victory.


Trinity Island

Don't let the curves of Trinity Island fool you: if every turn can send you flying, get ready to land on one of the many floating islands! Or perhaps you'd like to use one of the super ramps to escape your pursuers? Trinity rewards all types of gameplays but punishes the sleepiest ones!

Twilight Path

Twilight Path will challenge your navigation skills with the presence of elevators, so you'll always find plenty of options to keep the momentum going! Be careful though, the center of the arena is a real danger zone where the scales can be tipped in your favor or against you!

Lost Complex

Lost Complex brings the thrill of urban combat to BattleCore Arena. Jumping from roof to roof and hiding in houses is a good start to mastering this map! Think carefully about your movements, Lost Complex allows easy chases and ambushes by your opponents!

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It has never been so fun and challenging to navigate into shooter game arenas. You'll be rolling so much, you might mistake yourself for a bowling ball! Download and compete in fast-paced PvP battles where the mix of shooting, platforming, and physics mastery is the key to victory.

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BattleCore Arena

BattleCore Arena is a multiplayer and competitive third-person shooter game, with a physics-based gameplay.

Release date:

June 6, 2024


F2P / Platform / Shooter physic-based


Ubisoft Bordeaux, Cosmic Ray Studio

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