Experience the heroic rescue of the firefighters who saved Notre Dame de Paris

Inspired from the movie and the rescue

Save Notre-Dame On Fire is a virtual reality escape game that recounts the historic rescue of Notre-Dame de Paris during the fire that almost destroyed the cathedral on April 15, 2019. This escape game is based on the movie “Notre-Dame On Fire” by Jean-Jacques Annaud and seeks to pay further tribute to the Paris fire brigade who helped make the game immersive and authentic. For 45 minutes, become a firefighter who saves the cathedral and its most precious treasure: the crown of thorns. Look for the sacred relic’s safe, a well-kept secret; navigate the nave in flames after the spire collapses; then ascend the North tower overhanging Paris and relive the last chance mission in the belfry.

Part of the benefits will be donated to the organization in charge or reconstructing Notre-Dame de Paris, giving everyone a chance to contribute to its rebirth.

© 2022 Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights reserved. “NOTRE-DAME ON FIRE” written by Jean-Jacques Annaud and Thomas Bidegain, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. © 2022 Pathé Films – TF1 Films Production

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Save Notre-Dame on Fire


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