Match cards either by matching color or value and play action cards to change things up.


Thanks to the Stadia technology, you can now enjoy UNO® on all your favorites devices. Play on your TV, laptop, tablet or even on your smartphone.


Game Overview

Beloved Classic Rules

Stacking When a Draw Two or Wild Draw Four is played, play the same type of card to add to the penalty and pass it down to the next player.

7-0 Playing a 7 allows you swap hands with another player, and playing a 0 forces all players to take their hand and pass it down in the order of play.

Jump-In For the first time on consoles, Jump-In is available for play! Whenever a card is played, if you hold an identical card, you may play that card out of turn.

Personalized House Rules

For the first time ever, you can use all House Rules together to make your matches as crazy as you want.

Online Multiplayer

Interact with your friends and other players.

Track your progress through a variety of social features such as global and weekly leaderboards.

Gain levels as you play in Online Modes and unlock special medals to display and show off to your friends and other opponents.

While playing, talk to other players using Voice Chat Support.

UNO Ultimate Edition

Get the complete collection of one of the most iconic games with the UNO® Ultimate Edition containing UNO®, UNO FLIP!™, UNO® Fenyx’s Quest, plus themed cards featuring Winter, Just Dance®, Rayman®, and Rabbids®.

UNO® 50th Anniversary DLC

Get dressed up and join the party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most popular card games!

Get the DLC

The new UNO 50th Anniversary DLC comes with a new “Gold Coin” rule and slick black cards that give the experience a deluxe look.


The new UNO® DLC, Fenyx’s Quest plunges you into the marvellous Golden Isle and its wonders.

Wield the powers of the gods, overcome Typhon's curse and discover two exclusive action cards: the Typhon’s Trick card and the Fenyx Power card. You are the gods' last hope!

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Play nice with the Light Side action cards or spice things up with these Dark Side ones: Draw Five card: The next player must draw five cards and lose their turn. Skip Everyone card: All players lose their turn. Wild Draw Color card: The next player must draw until they get a color of your choice (no matter how many cards they have to draw to do so) and lose their turn.

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UNO Now Available

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UNO® makes its return to consoles and PC with an assortment of exciting features such as added video chat support and an all-new theme system that adds more fun!

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Family / Strategy



UNO is Available on:

Xbox One / PlayStation 4 / PC / Nintendo Switch / Amazon Luna / Google Stadia

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