7 August 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – August 7


The Division 2: Warlords of New York, Season 2 – Keener’s Legacy continues with a new Manhunt target appearing this week; Elija ‘Huntsman’ Le. Elija has a background in bomb defusal in the military before an injury sustained from an explosive device resulted in an honorable discharge. Once back home from Afghanistan, he spent a year in physical therapy before joining up with the Division.

Becoming an effective and impassioned recruiter, Le was responsible for bringing both Keener and Carter ‘Hornet’ Leroux into the SHD. After his activation with the first wave of agents, Elija Le eventually withdrew from his position as an agent to support the LMB. Huntsman then went rogue and joined Hornet’s rogue cell in the wake of Charles Bliss’ death and has quickly established himself as an unwavering and dangerous leader.

Enjoy Double XP for both your Season and SHD progression across all activities for the first 15 levels gained throughout the week. Eliminate Huntsman and get another step closer to taking down Hornet and acquiring the Repair Trap skill variant!

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The State of the Game streams returned this week after the team was on a hiatus towards the end of July. While the stream was a brief return to form as we are still getting back in the swing of things after the summer holidays, we still want to share some highlights:

Polarity Switch:

  • The issue with the Polarity Switch Global Event rewards has been fixed with the maintenance on August 4. You should receive retroactive rewards based on your progression through the event as it was ongoing.

Phoenix Down:

  • The Phoenix Down Apparel Event is in its Closed Phase until August 11. While in this phase, you can still purchase and gift keys and open caches to earn the cosmetics and exclusive completion reward but keys will now no longer be earnable through regular gameplay.

Operation Iron Horse:

  • We have ongoing investigations looking into multiple issues with the Operation Iron Horse Raid. This includes the frequent blue screens that PlayStation 4 players are seeing, an issue with Morozova’s explosion attack coming without warning, a problem with Negotiator’s Dilemma disrupting certain phases of the Raid as well as reports of artificially short leaderboard completion times.

Aaron Keener:

  • We are investigating the issues within the Keener boss fight that has been disrupting progression and mission completion for many players across all difficulties.

Title Update 11:

  • We will have more information to share regarding TU11 in late August.
  • There will be a PTS for TU11 to test changes and additions coming with the update.

The next state of the game stream will be on Wednesday, August 19 and can be viewed on our Twitch and YouTube channels.

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That’s it for this week!

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