14 March 2019

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You will get plenty of loot during your adventures and soon learn that loot is life.

Backpacks, gloves, masks, caps... You will be able to customize your agent and to get stronger when looting better equipment.

Gear quality ranges from Worn, Standard, Specialized, Superior, High End, Gear Set and, later in the year, Exotics.

Make sure you learn the differences between Gear sets and Gear brands:

  • Gear sets: collect all pieces to unlock a bonus. First Gear sets will be added shortly after launch.
  • Gear brands: branded gear will give you an immediate bonus. You have 6 gear slots available in total. Branded items are available at launch.

Check the other "Tips and tutorials" articles on the website for more detailled info about how to get started in the Division 2.

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