14 June 2019

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The Division 2 at E3 2019: Intel Recap


With another Electronic Entertainment Expo behind us, The Division 2's community team discussed a variety of new content coming to The Division 2 during Year One. If you missed any of the news, we have all the intel for you right here in this recap.

To kick-off E3, our Community Developers—Petter Mårtensson and Christoph Gansler—recorded a podcast to share the community team's plans for the event as well as recap all the preparation that went into The Division 2's launch at last year's E3. With coordination across the various teams ranging from marketing to brand to the Community Managers, live events are always dynamic but also very rewarding.

You can listen to the podcast here.

With another E3 comes another episode of the Intelligence Annex, this time focusing first on Expeditions! These new, free experiences highlight exploration, narrative, and fresh gameplay opportunities. The deeper you dive into our Expeditions, the greater your reward!

Read more on our Expeditions reveal here.


Our second Intelligence Annex for the week dives into two new missions coming with Episode One of The Division 2's Year One DLC—Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak. Emeline Shaw has barricaded herself inside the National Zoo, and you must fight through her blockades of Outcasts to finish the job. Camp White Oak leads you through scenic landscapes to capture the leader of the Black Tusks nestled in the woodlands.

For a deeper dive on these missions, check out our blog.


Wednesday's State of the Game livestream recapped some of the news for the week, but we also had some updates to share with the community.

  • Title Update 4 is coming next week! A new Gunner specialization will be waiting for you.
  • Hard mode missions will now guarantee 500 gear score drops.
  • We have a partial fix for the arm patch reward for players who completed the raid in the first week, but we're still investigating a full fix for this issue.

Check out the full VOD for more information.

One of our most talented and dedicated community members was tasked with creating a trailer showcasing the love our community has for The Division 2. We are absolutely blown away, not only by the trailer itself but also the comments made by our players. Thank you for celebrating our game!

If you missed the trailer by VicenteProD, you can watch it here!

What a better way to end a week of E3 announcements and reveals than kicking off a Free Weekend Event for The Division 2! Starting today throughout the weekend, the game will be available for free across all platforms. Now's a better time than ever to jump into Washington, D.C., and we cannot wait to see you there!

For a detailed breakdown of timing and availability, check out our blog.


That's a wrap for the community team for E3 2019. A huge shout-out goes out to the community for participating in discussions and sharing their passion with us for The Division 2. Here's to the future!

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