13 June 2019

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Play The Division 2 For Free June 13th - 16th


With Washington D.C. in ruins, Agents of the Strategic Homeland Division have been called from all over to help save the city from the brink of collapse. Today, we're sending out another distress signal to call more Agents to D.C.'s doorstep and push warring factions back. We're excited to announce a Free Weekend Event for Tom Clancy's The Division 2, live now on all platforms!

You can access the Free Weekend during the following times:

  • Start: Thursday, June 13th at 07:00 AM UTC
  • End: Monday, June 17th at 05:00 PM UTC / 07:00 AM UTC for PC & Asian territories on PS4

Yes, you can preload the game on the following platforms, beginning at the following times:

  • PC: Monday, June 10th at 9:00 PM UTC
  • PlayStation 4: Monday, June 10th at 04:00 PM UTC / Tuesday, June 11th at 03:00 AM UTC for Asian territories

All Standard Edition activities are available to players who join in on The Division 2 Free Weekend. This includes dozens of hand-crafted missions, organic open world activities, three dangerous Dark Zones, and dedicated PVP modes in Conflict. You'll climb through a robust leveling experience, expanding narrative, and looter elements to find an evolving end-game experience waiting for you.

Absolutely! Whether you're answering neighboring calls for help or completing Story missions, all activities in The Division 2 support multiplayer coop play. Simply queue for matchmaking or invite others into your session! Additionally, you can join our official Discord server to find new and veteran Agents alike.

Please note that multiplayer activities require Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus.

Of course! All your hard-earned progress and characters will transfer over should you decide to upgrade to the full game.

If you have any additional questions, head over to thedivisiongame.com/freeweekend to read up on more details. We hope to see everyone on the streets of D.C.!

/The Division Community Team

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