21 May 2019

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Operation Dark Hours World First winners


We'd like to extend a heartfelt congratulation to the world's first Agents to complete the Operation Dark Hours raid! Each of these groups showed superb teamwork and dedication to earn their spots as the pioneers of this challenging content. The agents that were the very first to finish it will now be immortalized in the White House, with their own portrait - complete with Ubisoft name tags - hanging on the wall to celebrate their accomplishment.


The final version of the portrait is under production and will be revealed soon.

Because of the heroism and tenacity everyone showed, we've decided to create three different portraits for the White House, celebrating the first teams on each platform (PC, PS4, XB1). The portraits will be shown on their individual platforms.


  • Ranger_84
  • Sleepy0-
  • TheSc4le.
  • MarcoStyleNL
  • eeL.gniM
  • widdz
  • Nick-Tew


  • tjgaubatz
  • Jaqev
  • lmtravis50
  • sYn-Predator6
  • Inkist-
  • K2Karma
  • Tico792015

Xbox One

  • Bellicosi
  • Ruthless1234567
  • willzye
  • GWizzNZ
  • BeltedCactus51
  • Lowkey.Haiku
  • Infamous_legacy

History will remember you, Agents.

If you want to see the historical moment, and don't care about spoilers, check out this Twitch clip from SolidFPS as the team takes down the final boss of Operation Dark Hours. Well done, Agents, and congratulations once again!

We also wanted to highlight the second completion of Operation Dark Hours, which was accomplished by members of the DUK clan just five minutes after the first successful run. The third group beat the final boss around 20 minutes later. It was a very close race!

Runner ups:

  • Abgott5chlange
  • lolol934
  • Rammbob
  • Rush-Runner
  • ArranoxTV
  • Ravenlord-117
  • Y-Lou
  • corkyxx

Everyone who has completed the raid has surmounted the biggest threat that is currently available in The Division 2. We wish the best of luck to all the Agents who are facing down the dangers of Operation Dark Hours.

Operation Dark Hours is just the beginning! You can look forward to regular content updates throughout Year One. Stay tuned to our State of the Game streams for all the latest development updates.

/The Division 2 Team

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