18 October 2019

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Agent Highlights: They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but let’s not forget about our mission!

Greetings Agents,

September Highlights are ready for duty! The Autumn gloom may be upon us, but SHD Agents remain unaffected by it, delivering awesome cosplay creations, fan art, and even a life-sized stash. Expect to see the return of some well-known characters and... dogs!

We don't want to wait any longer, let's head straight into it.


Turns out, Agents still really want to pet the dogs they find roaming the streets of Washington D.C. PhoenixNickolas found a lonely pooch during his explorations. Agent, we hope you're giving him all the love as he looks like the best boy.


Agent Battery15151914 is ready to face any Hunter unlucky enough to cross his path! He's fully equipped and ready to fight with an impressive Bulwark Ballistic Shield.


Nohopeoutthere has some simple, but very effective advice for all Agents out there. It looks like she knows what she is talking about so let's all stand to attention and listen to her, ok?



This is a crossover that no one was expecting! Aq1218's boys are ready to fight for their city. Let's hope they will do the job. No jokes or pranks this time and let's hope that Agent Kenny will survive the raid.


Agent Grandarex is clearly missing the snowy streets of New York. They took a break from the Throwing SHD comic series, to deliver a minimalistic, yet powerful piece of art. Proving that our four-legged friends will stay by our side until the bitter end.



According to our intel, Fighting28 created a fully functional SHD stash, made up of 509 individual parts and clocking in at an impressive 177kg!

Well done Agent, you did a hell of a job!



Another month, another team favourite.

Agents Mabeobja and Jo created a report about their mission to find Agent Greenberg. Once again, they've delivered an interesting story with a great narrative.

We cannot wait to see more stuff like this, Agents!


That's it for this month, Agents. If you would like to be featured in the next month's Agent Highlights article, don't forget to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlights.

Until next time,

/The Division Community Team

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