5 July 2022

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What's Ahead for The Division

After almost a year and half of working on the new content, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is back with full force! To recap, Title Update 15 marked the launch of Season 9, "Hidden Alliance," answering some of the questions surrounding the events after Warlords of New York. Hidden Alliance starts with the immediate consequences following the confrontation with Faye Lau at Camp White Oak. However, Season 9 brough more than just a continuation of the story, but also an all-new mode --- Countdown. Countdown is a new 8-player endgame mode available through matchmaking and expands the gameplay options by bringing an entirely new 15-minute play session format with randomized encounters on a new unique map with generous loot drops. Title Update 15 also added a brand-new progression feature, Expertise. The Expertise system introduces new ways to progress your agent with an emphasis on increasing build variety and viability. This allows agents to further improve the maximum performance of select weapons, gear sets, skill variants, and more. You can find more information in our dedicated article containing everything you need to know about what's available in "Hidden Alliance".

[TCTD2] The Division roadmap update - Roadmap to illustrate the text

As announced during the Special Report livestream on May 9th, The Division 2 is scheduled to receive two more major updates this year. Both Season 10 and Season 11 will continue to develop the story through introducing new Manhunt targets who are ready to start stirring agents into action. 

Following the Title Update 15 release, we've seen a lot of positive feedback on Countdown and we are always happy to hear your suggestions and feedback.  Many of you mentioned that one difficulty option is not enough to meet everyone's expectations. We hear you! Going forward, we plan to add more difficulty options, which will become available to you with the Title Update 16 PTS this August. We are also looking at tweaking the Countdown experience beyond the difficulty options listed above to make it more rewarding and enjoyable. We are excited to share more information about these changes with you very soon.   

Season 10 will also add Legendary difficulty to the two remaining Strongholds, so brace yourself for storming Tidal Basin and Manning National Zoo with no respawn nor checkpoints.

Additionally, we will continue to support the game with new Apparel Events and updates focused on game health. Quality of life improvements are a high priority for Season 10, and we will be talking more about the upcoming fixes in the next Special Report livestream where we'll take a close look at what players can expect when Title Update 16 rolls out next month as well as Season 11's new game mode.

You have probably noticed that the Spec Revamp is not included in either of the remaining Year 4 Seasons. We are still working on the feature and only plan to announce the release date when we are absolutely satisfied with the quality.

The development of Year 4 is led by a group of project veterans at Ubisoft Massive with the support of a talented group of developers at Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Toronto, and Ubisoft Shanghai - without the support from these teams, the production of new content wouldn't be possible. We are looking forward to continuing this collaboration with Year 5 of The Division 2.

In addition to the updates for The Division 2, the team at Red Storm Entertainment is also working hard on a new experience set within the Division universe, Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland. Throughout the development, the team has been holding closed testing, and will continue this testing to help evolve the game experience. If you want to be a part of these tests, make sure you register through our website. We cannot wait to share more information with you at a later date.

And finally, look for an update on The Division coming to mobile platforms in the very near future.

We want to express our gratitude to you, the Community, without whom we wouldn't be here. Your passion and continuous support allow us to continue building the Division. Thank you!

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