30 April 2019

3 Min Read

Agent Highlights: Hunters Revealed

Greetings Agents,

Welcome to another Agent Highlights. A lot has happened since last time, and as always, you guys have been showering us and the community with plenty of awesome The Division content.

So let's jump straight to it, shall we?


Whenever we are blessed by musical content, we like to start with it to set the mood. Thanks to WildMax, we have another Division inspired music video.

Now that everything is set, let us head over to this Hunter, by Helary Mael.


Next, we have SHD_Umbra and the insanely detailed tabletop minis collection.


** Hamish may or may not have bought some painting equipment.*

Agents, remember this epic piece of Foxxie and Splintershield by LaraNecro? Well, you can now watch a time-lapse of its creation here!


We are here again with the talented Dazeroyuu. We instantly fell in love with the art style adopted, and of course it being a great achievement in Human history, we couldn't let it pass.


The secret has been revealed!

We welcome our newest contributor to Agent Highlights, KKBKID. Check out this cool sketch below.


Keep them coming our way, we would love to see more of this.


Agents, have you ever seen a Hunter without their mask on? Wonder no more, as Moonlight1907 shows us the face behind the mask!


Next we have a super cosplay shot by Horisankameko, with Agents AkiMura_tw_2017, Yusa_mabushi and Soma_5z. As for the LMB soldiers, we have Fallout_Obsidia and Kt3gou.


We are big fans of crossovers, and what's better than a cosplay crossover by Area The Fox and Slowpenguin_cos!


And of course we are happy to see WildMax re-activated.


It's good to see you back, Agent.


Oh boy do we have something special for you. Prepare for a real life Dark Zone extraction by Dot Hack Kyrios!


Check out the original clip here as well, you don't want to miss the audio effect.

That's all for Agent Highlights! Remember Agents, if you would like to be featured in next month's Agent Highlights article, don't forget to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlights.

Until next time,

/The Division Community Team

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