21 August 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – August 21


State of the Game returned this week with a closer look at Appearance Mods, coming with Title Update 11, as well as a schedule for what to expect from the development streams in the coming weeks. With more info regarding loot drops, ‘Rainbow Rolls,’ and agnostic mod slots coming on August 26. Then the September 2 show will dive into more news about a new PvE mode, the TU11 PTS, and Season 3.

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Appearance Mods will allow you to change the look of your gear, separate from your apparel, to other gear items in the game. Love using the Eclipse Protocol gear set but don’t quite love how it looks? With Appearance Mods you’ll be able to make it look like a full set of Wyvern Wear or any combination of other brands and gear you’ve collected throughout the Division 2.

You can check out our full breakdown of everything there is to know about Appearance Mods in our dedicated article here.

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The Division 2: Warlords of New York continues Season 2 – Keener’s Legacy with the return of the Reanimated Global Event and the week-2 reset for the Huntsman League. The Huntsman League runs until August 25 and the various challenge stages were reset on August 18, offering you another chance to earn ranks to get the final rewards for the event. An Exotic cache and the Loyal Hound backpack trophy await as the level 9 and 10 rewards respectively.

The Reanimated Global Event rises again until August 25! Eliminate enemies with head shots to make them explode with a damaging cloud of gas, or risk allowing them to rise from the dead. Complete different challenges throughout the event to earn rewards and caches.

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We conducted a routine maintenance on August 18 to address issues with Clan XP and some players getting Delta errors when equipping Exotic Weapons.

The weekly maintenance on August 25 will only occur on PlayStation 4 and will see the implementation of a fix for bluescreen errors for many players.

That’s it for this week!

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