13 September 2022

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Season 10: Price of Power

A new manhunt has begun with the launch of Season 10: Price of Power!

There's a lot to go through, so grab your Kerman's Coffee and pull up a chair, we've got some new intel for you.



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A lot has happened during Season 9, and there's something bigger brewing in Season 10: Price of Power.

We need to track down the latest target, General Peter Anderson. He's power hungry and looking to secure his position in the True Sons as Antwon Ridgeway's successor. This puts him in a position to build an alliance strong enough to take down The Division.

Anderson is looking to mend the relationship between the Black Tusk and the True Sons, so it is up to us to locate and eliminate the threat that Anderson poses.

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This season will also reveal more about the connection between Captain Fredrick Lewis and Manny Ortega. Furthermore, we'll be diving deeper into the origins of the True Sons. If you haven't caught up with the in-game audio collectibles scattered around the open world: the True Sons originated from former Joint Task Force (JTF) members.



For those of you who participated in the manhunt during Season 9: Hidden Alliance, you're most likely familiar with the new Manhunt Mechanics that were introduced. However, if this is your first season in The Division 2: Warlords of New York, or if you missed out on the last season: Manhunt targets are now taking over main missions in the campaign!

Whilst we don't want to divulge too many spoilers, we can let you in on a little inside intel we gathered: your Prime Target mission objective is not set in D.C.


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Countdown is our new endgame mode for The Division 2 released with Season 9. Agents are deployed into a power plant to prevent a lockdown. Whilst racing against the clock, agents must secure the site and stabilize the power plant. Whilst preparing for extraction, agents are suddenly pursued by heavily armed and technologically advanced hostiles.

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We also heard your feedback regarding the difficulty levels in Countdown and with Season 10 we have now introduced three different difficulties for agents to choose what challenge they're ready to take on:

NormalCan be completed solo
Hard  Designed for groups of 8 casual players
Current difficulty available at release
Designed for a group of 8 matchmade players.
This can be completed by a team of 2 - 4 hardcore players
HeroicBest suited for 4 - 8 hardcore players


Skill SuppressionOnce the enemy is dead, an EMP will be deployed (Disruption Effect) that can affect Agents and their skills in 15 meters radiusEnemies no longer deploy an EMP after they die. Reduces 25% of a preliminary Skill Cooldown time if agents kill the enemy within a 15 meters radius
Explosive ResistanceEnemies gain +100% Explosive ResistanceEnemies no longer have extra Explosive Resistance. Agents gain +25% Explosive Damage
Reload SpeedAgents' total Speed Weapon Reload decreased to 75%Agents no longer have total Speed Weapon Reload decreased to 75%. Agents gain +25% Speed Weapon Reload
Armor ProtectionEnemies receive +25% of incoming Armor RepairsEnemies no longer get extra Armor Repairs. Agents gain +25% for incoming Armor Repairs
Hostile Skill Damage ResistanceEnemies gain +50% Skill Damage ResistanceEnemies no longer have extra Skill Damage Resistance. Enemies Skill Damage Resistance is reduced by 25%
Agents Hazard ResistanceAgents Hazard Resistance is reduced by 25%Agents Hazard Resistance is no longer reduced by 25%. Enemies Hazard Resistance is reduced by 25%
Headshot ResistanceEnemies Headshot Resistance is increased by 25%Enemies Headshot Resistance is no longer increased. Agents gain +25% Headshot Damage
Critical ResistanceEnemies reduce incoming Critical Chance by 25%Enemies no longer reduce incoming Critical Chance by 25%. Agents gain +25% Critical Chance


With Season 10 you also get to challenge yourself and your builds against Legendary Difficulties which will become available for Strongholds Tidal Basin and Manning National Zoo.

This will be a tough challenge. Is it also a great opportunity to help other agents perfect their setup, running with your friends or as a team building exercise.


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With Season 10 we're releasing a range of new weapons and gear! This includes one Gear and one Brand Set, two new Exotic Weapons plus one Exotic Gear Piece, 2 new Named Weapons and Named Gear Pieces as well as new Weapons & Gear talents.

Not only that, but we are re-balancing existing gear such as the Ongoing Directive and Striker's Battlegear Gear Sets.


Doctor Home
Exotic variation of the M1A QCB Rifle
Talent Doctor Home
Shooting an enemy with Doctor Home applies a mark. When killed, marked target drops a 15% Armor repair kit.
The kit doesn’t give bonus armor. Only the weapon owner can see the Armor repair kit.
Once the player picks the armor kit, all party members receive the heal.
Busy Little Bee
Exotic pistol inspired by Lightning Rod
Talent Busy Little Bee
Each shot to a different target will give 1 stack – up to 10 max, with each stack giving 20% Weapon Damage increase.

Stacks will activate once the weapon is switched and will last for 10 seconds. Changing weapon again during the said 10 seconds will cancel the buff.

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Umbra Initiative
Gear Set
2 Pieces equipped give +15% Critical Chance.
3 Pieces equipped give +30% Reload Speed.
4 Pieces equipped give access to two unique talents based on player positioning From the Shadows and Into the Light.

Talent From the Shadows
While in cover, gain 10 Stacks per second up to 50. Each stack will give 1% Critical damage increase and 0.3% RPM. Buff does not apply while shooting from cover. While out of cover you lose 2 stacks per second at normal speed and 1 stack per second if sprinting.

Talent Into the light
While out of cover and in combat, gain 10 Stacks per second up to 50.
Each stack will give 0.8% Armor regen when it is consumed.
Stacks consume, 10 stacks per second, only in cover.
Brazos de Arcabuz
Brand Set
1 Piece equipped gives +10% Skill Haste.
2 Pieces equipped give 1 Skill Tier.
3 Pieces equipped give +20% Magazine Size.

Hermano Talent Perfect Overclock
Allies within 15 m of your deployed skills, gain +30% reload speed and reduce their active cooldowns by 0.6 seconds each second.

Picaro's Holster *Planned for TU16.1
Blue Core Attribute (can be changed to Red or Yellow), a Perfect Attribute of +15% Weapon Damage and 1 random Attribute.
Bloody Knuckles
Exotic Gloves
Talent Over the Top

Damaging an enemy with a grenade or striking an enemy with a melee attack activates the Seeing Red buff. Seeing Red grants +25% weapon damage and +100% melee damage. Seeing Red lasts 20 seconds and has a 60 second cooldown.

While in cooldown, striking an enemy with a melee attack or hitting an enemy with the effect of a grenade will complete the cooldown instantly.


Lefty – ACS-12 shotgun

Stage Left – SOCOM M1A
Talent Perfect Sledgehammer

Dealing damage with a grenade applies a mark on target. Targets with marks take 40% more damage to armor and -10% movement speed.


Striker’s BattlegearChanged damage modifier from multiplicative to additive.

4+ pieces equipped *Planned for TU16.1
- Striker’s Gamble
Weapon hits increase total weapon damage by 0.65%, stacking up to 100 times. 1 stack lost per second between 0 to 50 stacks; 2 stacks lost per second between 51 and 100 stacks.

Chest *Planned for TU16.1
- Press the Advantage
Increases max stacks for Striker’s Gamble from 100 to 200. 3 stacks lost per second between 101 and 200 stacks.

- Risk Management
Increases total weapon damage gained per stack of Striker’s Gamble from 0.65% to 1%.
Ongoing DirectiveShooting a status affected enemy will apply a mark.

Killing a marked enemy grants a full clip of Hollow-Point Ammo for your active weapon, and half a clip of the agent's active weapon to the rest of the party.
  • Hollow-Point Ammo amplifies weapon damage by 20% and applies bleed on hit.
  • Mark lasts for 10 seconds.

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  • The loot quantity and quality drops from the second wave of Hunters will be increased to motivate players to finish the session.
  • To prevent the players from being kicked out of the group by the Group Leader before and during the extraction, the feature will be disabled for Countdown Game Mode.


  • The Expertise cap will also increase from 20 to 21.


  • Added server time in the main menu.
  • Added a quantity preview for material caches that allows to see what's inside before opening it.
  • Added an option to hide loot beams in the Gameplay Setting.
  • Moved materials for the Uzina Getica Brand Set and Heartbreaker Gear Set to the correct category.
  • Added an option to sell from Stash at each vendor players can sell stuff to.
  • Adjusted SHD Watch: players can add/assign multiple points at once.


  • Added character customization allowing players to change body type, skin tone and face shape after starting the character progression.


  • Exotics can drop in the open world from random NPCs and any activities.
  • Starting from World Tier 5 and above, Exotic items will now have a small chance to drop from any NPC in the entire game, starting from Challenging difficulty. 
    • The chance increases with higher difficulties.


  • Cap raised for three main resources, namely food, water and components up to 500 units
  • Cap raised for all crafting, optimization materials and DZ credits.
  • Starting from World Tier 5 and above, Exotic components will now have a chance to drop from Control Points Chests starting from Alert level 3 and DZ chests.
  • Removed an interval of randomization for material caches to allow the maximum of each material to be obtained when opening the cashes.


  • Added two Season 9 Exotics Dread Edict and Bluescreen to Haven and BoO display walls.
  • Added an option to hide Signature Weapon in the weapon options in the Signature Weapons inventory screen.
  • Drastically reduced the logoff timer for hardcore characters from 30 to 2 seconds in order to reduce instances of players finding their hardcore characters dead after a crash or disconnect.

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With Season 10 we are hosting two apparel events where you can collect new outfits, masks, completion rewards and vanity backpacks.

When the events are active, you can earn Apparel Cache keys in game by levelling up your watch levels and unlock the different items through caches. The best part is there are no duplicates in these event caches!

SHD Paragon

This apparel event is scheduled to be released on September 27th and features 6 outfits to collect alongside completion rewards such as vanity backpacks and masks.

A sneak peek below at one of the outfits shows the Sharpshooter outfit which is inspired by specializations we have in game. Certainly one for the tactical gear lovers out there.

[TCTD2] News - Season 10: Price of Power 08

Dark Path

November 1st is when we drop our Dark Path Apparel Event and this one has another set of 5 outfits to collect. With two events this season you can get your hands on more vanity backpacks and masks to change your look in Season 10.

These outfits are fit for getting spooky (or creepy) on the streets of NY or D.C. as evident by the Baby Face outfit pictured below.


[TCTD2] News - Season 10: Price of Power 09


The optional Season Pass is available for 1000 Premium Credits ($10 or your regional equivalent) in the in-game store, granting additional cosmetics and opportunities for season gear as you progress.

That's the brief completed, and intel shared for all the events and content we have coming with Season 10: Price of Power.

Keep an eye out for the Known Issues to be released. These will be shared on the official forums. You can also track some of the top-level investigations being conducted by the team over on our Known Issues Board .
We look forward to seeing you dive into the missions and objectives for the Season 10 Manhunt, as well as diving deeper into and unravelling some of the mysteries around General Anderson and his cohorts.

Good luck out there!

/The Division 2 Team

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