17 September 2020

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Title Update 11: Summarized

Agents, with Title Update 11 just around the corner, we wanted to give you a first look of everything you can expect to come with it. There’s a little something for everyone here, so be sure to join us on September 22 as we begin the next chapter of The Division 2: Warlords of New York.

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The new season – Concealed Agenda – begins on September 22, bringing new leagues, events, rewards, and more. This time around, things are starting to get personal, with Bardon Schaeffer as the Prime Target of the season. Take out his squad of rogue agents and bring one of the most dangerous Black Tusk elites to his knees!

The third season for Warlords of New York brings the new SHD Exposed Global Event and the Last Resort Apparel Event. Throughout these and all other activities and events, you’ll be able to gain XP towards your season levels, granting you rewards from the selection of gear being added with TU11.

As with prior seasons, each of the events will grant a series of rewards based on different challenges and trials. But the more laid-back agents can rest assured that their season progress will still climb regardless of what activities you choose to play!

Like Seasons 1 and 2, the Season 3 Pass is available for purchase, opening an additional set of cosmetic and material rewards throughout the 100 season levels.

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The new PVE game mode, the Summit, will be officially introduced in TU11. The Summit pits you or your squad against a looming high-rise; 100 floors of varied assortments of enemies, layouts, and objectives.

As you ascend the many floors of the skyscraper the difficulty will increase. Every 10 floors (21, 51, 81, etc.) you unlock a checkpoint after defeating a boss floor, from here you can go to any other checkpoint floor you have already reached. Once you get to floor 91, you can revisit any checkpoint floor at any time.

Though The Summit covers all difficulties from Normal to Legendary, it will also throw in Directives as you climb to 100. Even a single directive can dramatically change how you will approach a fight, so make sure you come prepared!

Though TU11 will introduce The Summit, we aren’t done with it yet! We plan to continue releasing updates, additions, and improvements to the mode based on your feedback, starting with TU11.1, which is already in the works.

Season 3 and The Summit game mode are free for all Warlords of New York owners and available after reaching level 40 and completing the New York campaign!

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TU11 will also introduce Appearance Mods – or the ability to Transmog your equipped gear. With this, you can change the look of your gear, separate from your apparel, to look like other pieces of gear.

This means that if for example you’ve always loved the way the True Patriot gear set looks, but it’s not quite your go-to-gameplay style, you can change your full set to match up with it. Or if you want to flaunt your favorite gear dye, swap to Walker, Harris & Co. to show off your style.

Gear dyes can still be equipped to modified gear and every piece of gear you have collected is fair game. Once you pick up an item, you’ve unlocked that appearance forever, even if you dismantle or sell the original piece.

Weapons and all Exotics are not included in the Appearance Mods system. This means for all weapons and Exotic gear, you can neither change its appearance, nor change other gear to appear like it.

Appearance mods will be available to all players on September 22!

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With TU11 comes a booster shot of powerful new items to add to your collection or arsenal. All told, TU11 will be adding 3 new Exotics, 1 new Gear Set, 1 new gear brand, 2 new weapons for a total of 4 new named items, and the new skill variant Shrapnel Trap tied to the Prime Target at the end of the Manhunt. You can find all the detailed attributes, talents, and effects in the official TU11 patch notes on September 21.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Exotic MPX Submachine Gun: Backfire
A high-damage submachine gun that causes bleeding on the user when reloaded.

Exotic Backpack: Memento
An escalating hybrid powerhouse that gives more power with every enemy felled.

Exotic Chest: Ridgeway's Pride
A bloodied shield that keeps you alive as your enemies fall in close quarters.

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Gear Set: Hunter’s Fury
An unstoppable force of close-range destruction that is disorienting in its lethality.

Skill Variant: Shrapnel Trap
An on-demand minefield to lock down chokepoints, control a battlefield, or ruin someone’s day if they get too close.

All the new gear will be available to Warlords of New York owners! While most will be obtainable through regular gameplay, many will be featured as rewards throughout Season 3. However, the Ridgeway’s Pride Exotic can only be acquired after beating all 100 floors of the Summit.

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Discovery Mode for Operation Iron Horse will be available with TU11. With Discovery Mode, you can try your hand at the Raid with less intensive mechanics and matchmaking, allowing you to get a feel for the challenge before jumping in.

Different Raid-exclusive rewards will not drop in Discovery Mode, but other loot will stop drop as usual.

Discovery Mode is available for both the level 30 and level 40 versions of Operation Iron Horse and will be available for all players on September 22.

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The full Title Update 11 Patch Notes will be available on September 21 through our official forums. Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to see you in D.C., NYC, or climbing The Summit on September 22 with Title Update 11!

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