25 March 2019

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ECHOs are unique Augmented Reality experiences, only available on the Division 2 Messenger and Facebook page, that will be the bridge between your reality and the devastated world of The Division.

After the virus outbreak, how did civilians manage to survive? Explore your world, discover their story and unlock up to five in-game rewards available now!


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Getting two ECHOs will reward you with one cosmetic item that you will be able to wear in your game. Try unlocking as many ECHOs as possible to get in your inventory rewards that will help ensure your survival:

  • City Runner T-shirt
  • City-Runner Pants
  • City Runner Sneakers
  • Pathfinder Armpatch
  • Declaration Weapon Skin

How does ECHO work?

ECHO is only available on mobile: go to m.me/theDivisionGame on your mobile phone to meet I.S.A.C., an Intelligent System Analytics Computer that will guide you and identify nearby ECHOs.

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ECHOs are all around you. By using data collected from phone calls, surveillance cameras and discarded smartphones, I.S.A.C. is able to project augmented reality recreations of prior events that occurred in your location.

There's a total of 50 different ECHOs to unlock, each with their own story and characters, so gear up and begin your exploration!

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