10 July 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – July 10


The Division 2: Warlords of New York, Season 2 – Keener’s Legacy continues with the second week of the Termite League and the introduction of the Hollywood Global Event. Termite League challenges were reset on July 7 and more ranks can be earned this week in order to unlock the various rewards; including an Exotic Cache and the exclusive Syringe backpack trophy.

The Hollywood Global Event began on July 7, bringing a new skills-focused event to The Division 2. Enemies will be protected by a shield that reduces damage from typical weapons but explodes to deal significant damage when destroyed with explosions, EMPs, or Specialization weapons. Take the chance to try out some skill builds, cause some mayhem, and earn additional Season event rewards through the different challenges!

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  • A fix for infinite RPGs in the Iron Horse Raid was deployed during a maintenance on Thursday, July 9.
  • We are still investigating solutions for the Iron Horse Leaderboards not showing correct information across all platforms.
  • The State of the Game livestream will be going on summer break until August 5th.
  • The monthly schedule of Global Events will be returning to The Division 1 on July 13, starting with Strike.


This week’s State of the Game was filled to the brim with information regarding improvements you can expect to see in Title Update 10.1, coming on July 21. Some highlights:

Loadout Swapping & Revive Hive

  • Changing behavior so that Agents can swap loadouts even if skills are on cooldown.
  • Reducing Revive Hive charges and cooldown time to shorten the wait time before the skill can be changed.
  • Revive Hive will have 1 charge at Skill Tier 0 and receives +1 charge per Skill Tier.

Foundry Bulwark & Shields

  • The Foundry Bulwark 3-Piece bonus armor regen will be reduced but increases overall shield health by the equivalent of 1 Skill Tier.
  • The Forge named holster will be buffed to be the equivalent of 1 Skill Tier of bonus shield health.


  • Increasing Assault Rifle damage to better solidify AR power at its optimal range.
  • Firestarter Chem Launcher initial explosion damage will be significantly reduced.
  • Firestarter Sticky Bomb Launcher damage will be reduced.
  • All deployable skills will take increased damage from enemy players.

Hive Skill

  • Booster Hive behavior changing to no longer increase weapon damage, instead it will provide hazard protection – 20% at Skill Tier 0 and 60% at Skill Tier 6 (applies to PVE as well).
  • All Hives’ drones will gain increased movement and travel speed with increasing Skill Tiers.


  • Loot roll minimums will be increased in TU10.1.
  • Higher chances for maximum rolled loot.
  • Improving average loot drop quality.
  • ‘Rainbow Rolls’ on loot are being investigated but will not make it in time for TU10.1
  • More core improvements to rolls coming in TU11.

Check out this clip from the stream breaking down some of the upcoming changes.


  • Field Proficiency and Dark Zone Caches improved to be on par with Heroic difficulty.
  • Clan Caches improved to be on par with Legendary difficulty.


  • Missions will be more likely to drop Targeted Loot/Mission specific Exotics instead of getting Exotics you are not farming for.

TU10.1 is an interim patch between the more substantial TU10 and TU11, the latter of which will be coming later in the year. Full patch notes will be available on our forums as we get closer to the release on July 21. TU10.1 will also implement the missing audio for various pieces of Season 2 content. Additional details for this are available on our forums.

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The level 30 version of Operation Iron Horse is now available, Agents. Squad up and take down Morozova and the True Sons’ War Engine at the foundry. Raid exclusive gear like The Ravenous and Regulus Exotics and Foundry Bulwark and Future Initiative chest and backpack pieces are available to those at level 30.

That’s it for this week!

Until next time,

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