24 March 2020

The Crew© 2 Inner Drive: free for all players on March 25

Our next free update - The Crew© 2 Inner Drive - will be available to all The Crew© 2 players on March 25. Read on for all the details on what to expect, or click HERE for the full Patch 1.6.0 Notes.


Similarly to Blazing Shots, The Crew© 2 Inner Drive will include an initial content drop on March 25, followed by regular new vehicles, vanity items and LIVE Summits spread out over the coming months.

The new Hobbies feature will also be added in the coming months, so check back regularly to be sure not to miss anything!


We’ve got plenty of new additions to our motor-fuelled line-up ready to hit the roads, seas, and airspace of Motornation. Some will be up for grabs as soon as The Crew© 2 Inner Drive goes live, and others will be rolled out in regular drops thereafter via both the Shop and the LIVE Summit.

First off the production line and into the Hypercar discipline is a car that packs a hell of a punch, as well as being easy on the eyes: Koenigsegg Jesko (2020)! Available in Bucks and Crew Credits right off the bat on March 25.


Joining the Street Race discipline and also available in the Shop on March 25, another strong contender with plenty of horsepower under the hood: it’s the Ford Mustang Shelby® GT500® (2020).


The Elite Bundle 4 also enters the fray from April 8, featuring three exclusive vehicles for one month:

• Enzo Ferrari (2002) – Hypercar
• Lamborghini Diablo GT (1999) – Street Race
• Proto Alpha Mark X (2020) – Alpha Grand Prix

Last but certainly not least, we’re adding Touring Bikes as a new vehicle type to the Touring Car discipline. These new speedsters will not be available on March 25, but will come to The Crew 2 a little further down the line. Stay tuned for more details.


This time, we’re adding a whopping four brand new vanity types:

• Window Tints
• Custom Nitro
• 2D Emotes
• Custom Horns


We will be gifting 10 Emotes and 10 Horns to all players for free, as soon as the update goes live! Be sure to check them out in the Customization menu!

We’ll also be rolling out more items for these new vanity types – and existing types such as Underglows, Smokes, and Tires – on a regular basis.


For The Crew© 2 Inner Drive, we have completely reworked avatar character models & animations, and outfits.


Upon launching the game for the first time after the update, you will be required to select your new avatar before you can continue.

Please note: like with the old avatars, once selected your new avatar cannot be changed. Choose wisely!

The avatars aren’t alone in having enjoyed a make-over, the main menu layout has also been upgraded. Head over to our patch notes for the full breakdown on these changes.



Another update, another batch of LIVE Summits! Head over to our latest This Week in TC2 article for all the information on the first instalment: Scenic Tour.


In addition to the above content, The Crew© 2 Inner Drive will also bring new features such as Air Nitro (hit a jump with a ground vehicle and burn your nitro, see what happens!), balancing and handling tweaks (good bye Hypercars setting off-road escape records), bug fixes, and more!

For full details, head over to our detailed Patch 1.6.0 Notes.

As ever, day 1 of the update is just the beginning! We’ll be adding new content regularly, so keep your eyes peeled for our weekly and monthly articles recapping everything we’re rolling out to Motornation.

See you on the road on March 25, Gearheads.

For more information on The Crew®, check our official website. Join the The Crew® community on the forums and Reddit, and be sure to follow us on Twitch to never miss a livestream. The game’s Photo Gallery, Leaderboards and Summit Calendar are all viewable on The Crew® Hub. Videos highlighted by our in-game sharing tool can be seen on the official The Crew® 2 - Community Videos channel.