11 September 2023

The Crew Motorfest Season 1 Content Overview

Welcome to all festival-goers!

We are excited to finally open the doors to the Motorfest for you - the ultimate playground for car enthusiasts. The Main Stage, brand new playlists, and - most importantly - your personal collection of amazing vehicles are waiting for you - all while visiting one of the most beautiful spots in the world: The island of O'ahu!

For our very first season, we'll take you on an expedition of car cultures that have emerged across continents, each with its distinct flair and passion. From American full power, passing by the Japanese tribute to the optimization and performance to the European ode to luxe and design, get behind the wheel of the cars that laid the foundation for the global car culture we cherish today!

Are you as excited as we are about what's coming up? Just keep on reading to find out more!

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First off, make sure that you check out the Main Stage regularly. Each month, racers can progress through its challenges to become LEGENDS of The Crew Motorfest and earn special rewards for their racing skills.

In September, the Legend vehicle reward is the IVORY-TOWER SSV MK3 (2023)!

Progress on the Main Stage resets after each month. We'll see you back in October with next month's Legend vehicle reward.

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[TCM] News Article - Season 1 Content Overview - POP CULTURE

Starting September 13, racers will be able to live their personal American car dreams with our first weekly theme "American Pop Culture." Explore iconic vehicles that make every car lover's heart race.

[TCM] News Article - Season 1 Content Overview - CUSTOM

Want to show off what you've been working for? Customize epic American car models in the Custom Show to win weekly rewards!

[TCM] News Article - Season 1 Content Overview - SUMMIT

Buckle up and put on the nostalgia goggles! This week's new Summit Contest lets you relive legendary car culture moments.


[TCM] News Article - Season 1 Content Overview -

Start Season 1 off right with the American Pop Culture bundle, with some of the most iconic vehicles the US have to offer: 

  • the DELOREAN DMC-12 (1981)
  • the FORD MUSTANG BOSS 429 (1969)
  • the JEEP WRANGLER EVO 1 (2012)

And that's all for now, festival-goers! We know you'll be itching to hit the streets of O'ahu to see what The Crew Motorfest has to offer.

See you on the island! 🏝

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