13 February 2024

Skull and Bones Twitch Extension

Greetings Captains,

Embark from the 13th to the 20th of February on a massive naval battle on Twitch. For the release of Skull and Bones take part into All Aboard, our brand-new Twitch extension.

Start time: February 13th 2 AM (PT) / February 13th 11 AM (CET) / February 13th 9 PM (AET)

End Time: February 20th 4 PM PT / February 21st 1 AM (CET) / February 21st 11 AM (AET)


For a week, 4 Regional Fleets, South America, Asia, Europe and North America will face each other. Streamers from across the globe will hoist their region’s colour and engage in a massive naval battle to decide who will earn the title of Kingpins of Twitch.

You and your favourite streamers will both be able to track your fleet progress in real time and take part via a set of actions.


If you are participating as a viewer, you can access the extension from your computer or your phone to earn points.
You can choose to attack one of the rival fleets and try to deal as much damage as possible OR you can choose to repair your fleet – keeping it in fighting shape.

If you choose well, your chosen action might make the difference between a lost skirmish and a decisive blow against the other fleets.

Streamers will be free to share rewards codes with their community, so check-in with your favourite Captain and see how they’ll share their spoils of war.


To participate as a streamer, you will need to activate the extension, join your regional fleet, and start streaming. There is no restriction, everyone is welcome to embark on this adventure.
By having it activated you will be able to earn points for your fleet. Every 20 minutes, your community will be able to take actions, make sure to encourage them to help increase your fleet’s score.

You will be able to earn daily redemption codes to share with your community as well (Please read and follow the instructions given when activating the extension).

Rewards conditions

Here are the rewards that can be unlocked by streamers.

Ship Pet:
Available every day for the duration of the event
Confidant’s Reverie
Available Feb 13-14
Sail Colour:
Confidant’s Plume
Available FEB 15-16
Sail Pattern:
Confidant’s marking
Available FEB 17-18
Hull Colour:
Confidant’s Splendor
Available FEB 19-20
Ship Pet:
Sunshine Cat
Earn the title Kingpins of Twitch
After the event
(Will be gained by all the streamers of the winning Fleet)

[SnB] Twitch extension - All Aboard - IMG 1


Once you have received a code from your favourite streamer or as a streamer yourself, you will need to redeem it. To do so, you will need to connect with the account you use to play Skull and Bones here. You will have 2 weeks after the end of All Aboard to redeem your code - Better do so early then.

You will be able to find the rewards directly in game from there on – just head over to your mailbox to receive it.

You can keep up to date with the latest news of Skull and Bones by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and/or Ubisoft Discord.


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