New songs from David Lee Roth now Available in Rocksmith+!

New Content Playable Now in Rocksmith+!

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New Authentic Arrangements: 42

  • David Lee Roth - A Lil' Ain't Enough - Bass, Lead, Chord Chart
  • David Lee Roth - Goin' Crazy (Loco del Calor) - Bass, Lead, Piano, Chord Chart
  • David Lee Roth - Just Like Paradise - Bass, Lead, Piano, Chord Chart
  • Made Famous By Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - Bass, Lead, Chord Chart
  • Made Famous By Van Halen - Runnin' With the Devil - Bass, Lead, Chord Chart
  • The Notetrackers - Rocksmith+ Monster Theme - Bass, Lead, Chord Chart
  • ††† (Crosses) - Natural Selection - Bass
  • ††† (Crosses) - Vivien - Lead, Bass
  • Ali Gatie - Million Miles Apart - Piano
  • Dirty Honey - Another Last Time - Lead, Bass
  • Dirty Honey - The Wire - Lead, Bass
  • Dirty Honey - Tied Up - Lead, Bass
  • Dragonforce - Burning Heart - Lead
  • Faces - Ooh La La - Lead, Bass, Piano
  • Feed Me - Pumpkin Eyes - Bass
  • Genie High - Kyashana Lip (feat. CHANMINA) - Bass
  • gesunokiwamiotome - crying march - Lead
  • gesunokiwamiotome - watashi igai watashi ja naino - Bass
  • Jake Scott - Married Young - Bass
  • Leanne & Naara - Anticipation - Piano
  • The Doobie Brothers - 8th Avenue Shuffle - Lead

Song Availability May Vary by Region

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