Rocksmith+ Coming to PlayStation June 6

Rocksmith+, the award winning music-learning app that teaches you guitar and piano with thousands of hit songs, is coming to PlayStation on June 6, and is available to wishlist now. Rocksmith+ will be the only music learning app on these platforms! With cross-subscription, users can play across all platforms for one price. Rocksmith+ is currently available on PC, iOS, and Android. New subscribers can try Rocksmith+ for free and play a limited number of songs, lessons, and features for seven days when they subscribe to the 12-month plan.

Rocksmith+ is the music-learning service with the most original recordings by artists, with an expanding song library covering genres from around the world. Recent additions include hit songs from top artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, Dream Theater, Kaleo, Disturbed, Laufey, and much more. Plus learn your favorite songs at your own pace with personalized real-time feedback and practice tools that you can control.

For guitar learning, use any acoustic, electric, or bass guitar and play songs with the Rocksmith+ app right from your mobile phone or tablet with no additional gear needed, or play on PC by connecting with the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable or wirelessly via the Rocksmith Tuner app, which uses your phone as a mic. Piano players can use pianos, keyboards, or MIDI controllers with a wired MIDI interface or through their phone or tablet’s microphone.

And if you’re looking to tune your guitar, you can do so from the Rocksmith+ website or by downloading the free Rocksmith Tuner app on iOS or Android. Ensure you get the accuracy of a professional grade tuner and utilize easy basic preset tuners to quickly tune with clear instructions.

The Rocksmith+ website offers additional learning tools to further hone your skills, with free supplemental articles and videos about proper technique and form, music theory, gear, instrument care, and more.

Rocksmith+ is available on PC, iOS, and Android, and is coming to PlayStation on June 6. Wishlist Rocksmith+ now to be the first to start learning on these platforms once available.

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