The latest, never-before-seen Arcade game mode is going to take you skills to new heights. Arcade game modes are playlists that offer small scale gameplay modifiers for a limited time, and each might come back in the future if the community likes it. This time we are changing it up and introducing a brand-new mode that will have you take a step back before hitting your target!

From September 21st to September 28th, Operators turn into Snipers!


Snipers is an all-new Arcade mode of Deathmatches that will test players’ ability to be deadly from the shadows. Teams are tasked with eliminating each other using only two long-distance weapons: the CSRX 300 and the .44 Mag Semi-Auto. Everyone is on the same page, allowing your sharpshooting skills to be front and center.

With everyone carrying the same weapons, Snipers calls upon all Operators from our current roster to become long range assassins. Our whole catalogue of Attackers and Defenders is available to you for the entirety of the event, all adjusted at speed 3 to maintain equal footing. The aim down sights animation speed has also been increased to create a more fluid game experience.

Find your hunting spots on one of three maps: Fort Truth, Chalet and Hereford Base. That’s enough ground for you to conceal yourself, take down your enemies… and steer clear of bullets! You and your teammates will achieve victory by being the first team to reach 75 kills. This event uses standard matchmaking rules. Keep the right line of sight, and you will do just fine.

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