Mouse and Keyboard on Consoles

On Consoles, we've noticed that some players are using external "input spoofing devices" which let them play with a Keyboard & Mouse instead of a controller. This gives them an unfair advantage against controller players. It's one of the biggest complaints on all competitive shooters, but especially on Rainbow Six Siege. We heard you and we totally agree that it's unfair when your opponents have such an advantage. That's why we have been developing a system to address this form of cheating. We called it MouseTrap.

What is MouseTrap?

MouseTrap is a console-centric research and development initiative led by our Team at Rainbow Six Siege working specifically on this system. It is a detection tool that can sniff out input spoofers. It has actually been running in shadow mode, for several seasons, with the aim of building a better picture of which players are spoofing.  Now that we have that data, we can use it to improve fair play on Rainbow Six Siege.


We really want to encourage those players to return to fair play if possible.  In doing so, we will be giving a new "Mouse & Keyboard Penalty" to players that we detect using a Spoofing device. This new penalty will add additional latency to the inputs of MnK users. In short, it will be harder to aim and shoot with your operator when the penalty is active. The lag will start low and build up over several games if the use of MnK is still detected.

If the player chooses to remove their spoofing device, the lag will be gradually reduced; returning to normal after a few games.

Additionally, not all players will be penalized. The higher your skill level, the more chance you have of being affected by this new penalty.

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We've worked closely with our accessibility group to make sure that we take the needs of disabled players into account. The feature has been designed to reduce the chances of disabled players who use adaptive technology to access the game from being penalized.

If you are a disabled player and feel unfairly penalized, there will be an in-game QR code that you can use to contact us so that we can investigate so that we can use your feedback to fine-tune the system.

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Current stage

We are releasing something new and innovative with MouseTrap. However, it's still an experimental solution. Our objective is to restore a true balance between competition and skill, while increasing the fairness of Rainbow Six Siege and convey a positive experience for all players. We are committed to analyzing the results, improving the detection and tweaking the penalties in future seasons.

Release date

MouseTrap releases April 11th!

With this update, we aim to improve the competitive experience on console. Penalties will now apply to players who used Mouse and Keyboard on consoles.

Affected Game Modes: Team Death Match, Event, Quick Match, Arcade, Ranked, Unranked, Newcomer, Online Co-op & Custom Games.

To gradually decrease a MouseTrap penalty, players must plug in a regular controller and play in Events, Arcade, Quick Match, Newcomer, Ranked or Unranked.

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