Anti-Cheat Status Update - May 2023

Our latest Anti-Cheat Status Update for May 2023 is here.


For an overview on bans, we bring our latest BattlEye and Data Ban numbers, including data for 2023.

[R6S] Anti-Cheat Status Update May 2023 - Battleye and Data Bans graph v2

*Total bans from previous months have been corrected following a database update.


Since our last update we have worked to fortify our security behind the scenes, making cheat development more tedious. We have also fixed a number of cheats that were not player facing but affecting game balance.


MMR Rollback was temporarily disabled following the release of Y8S1 to avoid bugs in rollbacks. We have since resolved the related issues and the MMR Rollback system is now active.

MOUSETRAP - Input Spoofing Detection on Console

Y8S1.2 saw the successful release of Mousetrap on consoles. While we're extremely proud of this milestone, we know that closely and continuously monitoring this new system remains crucial.

As we move forward, we are prepared to make any necessary adjustments to ensure that we maintain a robust, reliable, and fair detection and sanctioning system - this is a front we are committed to. 


In-game reporting continues to be the best way to get your reports to us. If you are reporting a cheater on social media, the following can help us to identify and sanction them.

  • Clear video or photo proof of the incident
  • The offending player's Username, UserID, or Privacy Mode Nickname
  • Match ID for any relevant matches
  • Date and time of the incident

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