Creative Spotlight #8: Narine_Fox

The Rainbow Six community has many outstandingly creative people that continue to amaze us with their creative, funny and astonishing contributions. In our Creative Spotlight series, we highlight these community members and give you an inside look into their lives!

Our newest addition to this series is Narine_Fox, who caught our eye in 2017 when she started to cosplay Caveira. Whether through silent-stepping at events or through uploading many beautifully intimidating pictures on social media – she never stopped to astonish us! Plus: She draws too!

Hello Narine_Fox! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us!

Please introduce yourself and tell us - who are you outside of Rainbow Six Siege?

Narine_Fox: Hello, my name is Narine - yes, that’s my real name - and I’m a 23-year-old girl from Russia. I’m an engineer who happened to be an artist as well. I love drawing, crafting, sculpting, music and video games, so I try my best to combine it all in one!

When did you start with cosplaying and which costume was your first?

Narine_Fox: I made my first cosplay in 2013 and it was Akuma, a character from Syndicate 2012. I loved the design and her cool looks, and I had just started learning about cosplay back in 2012 so I thought - why not? At first, I gathered some knowledge about crafting and sewing, then I asked my mom for some help and in the end - not without difficulties though - it was done. Making cosplays really captured me and I continued to create more throughout the years.

Cosplay is not the only content you create- you draw and stream as well! Tell us more about that!

Narine_Fox: I’ve loved drawing ever since I can remember. It’s something I’m very passionate about, even though it brings me not only joy but some struggle as well. Probably every artist will understand what I mean. I think I started drawing on a daily basis to get better and develop myself as an artist around 15-16 years ago. And despite all that time I’m still learning new things because there is so much to learn as art evolves constantly! And yes, I used to stream a lot, both games and art! As I’m pretty much occupied with daily routines and as I decided to travel more, I haven’t been able to stream a lot lately. But I really hope to find some time and get back to it.

You have recreated several Caveira skins since 2017. What about Caveira made you want to cosplay her in the first place and why did you stick with her?

Narine_Fox: Oh, you won’t believe it, but I was kind of forced to do a Caveira cosplay at the beginning (haha). My friends kept pointing out how much we look alike, and they kept asking me to cosplay her. I was dared to try out her make-up, and there was no stopping anymore. I felt so comfortable with her, it was an immediate bond. As you might guess: I love intimidating characters so she was the perfect choice and I planned to stick with her!

We don’t have to ask you about your favourite operator then, but is Caveira your main in the game as well?

Narine_Fox: With Caveira I have the most hours, but you will also see me playing Mira, Lesion and Vigil on defense quite often. On attack I love playing Sledge and Capitão. But I actually try to play with every operator if possible, so I wouldn’t say I have mains. Especially with the random operator pick option the selection of an operator became more fun for me!

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Narine_Fox: I’m an “every animal person”, but cats would probably be my first choice if I had to pick.

What do you like about Rainbow Six Siege?

Narine_Fox: I love FPS games in general and I really wanted to play a multiplayer game where I could apply some strategy and thinking while playing. Siege masters that combination perfectly for me. And with the huge variety of operators and gadgets it never gets boring!

Do you plan to do more Rainbow Six Siege Cosplays? Anything you can reveal already?

Narine_Fox: Error 404 Answer Not Found ;)

What is your most and your least favourite food?

Narine_Fox: Oh, that’s a difficult question! I’m definitely not able to choose one dish so I’ll say Asian cuisine has to be my favourite. And I have no idea if there is anything I don’t like from all the food I’ve ever tried. I just love food and everything about it!

Do you have any advice for people who want to start cosplaying as well?

Narine_Fox: Do your research and learn how to make things, whether it’s crafting or sewing. Not everything can be bought and learning how things are made can be very useful. My all-time motto is “Why buy it, if I can make it?” Try it, it’s fun!

Thank you so much for answering our questions Narine_Fox! Please check them out using the links below to see more of their cosplays and give them a follow:

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