Reputation System Beta: Status Update – July 2023



Since the release of the Reputation System Beta, we've made several shadow updates to not only improve the foundations of the Reputation System, but also the stability of player Standings and this has continued throughout Y8S1.  During Y8S1, we made further changes to ensure that the occurrence and severity of a player's negative actions align with an equally severe impact on a player's Standing. We want players to have confidence in the system, so while adjusting the effects that certain actions have on a player's Reputation Standing, our goal is to make sure that Standings don't change match to match, time after time. As well as this, it's crucial that Standing changes are still happening when warranted and that the presence of the system is felt by abusers.


We are now tracking additional conditions to help increase our knowledge of players' disruptive actions. One such high-impact example of this is a player instigated crashes that are indicative of DDOS attacks. Being able to track a wider range of actions completed by a player such as DDOS, text abuse, leaving matches, and more, has allowed us to build a more robust overview of a player, enabling us to take more appropriate actions to mitigate abuse, and to help foster a more positive experience for all.


In the early days of the Reputation System, we were looking at a limited time period when deciding whether to give a penalty. This was due both to a limitation of the system and a desire to ensure that only the worst of the worst offenders would be receiving penalties. In the time since, the Reputation System has become more robust, and we have seen a great response to reputation penalties. Because of this, we have updated the ranges over which the system checks for negativity. The result of this longer and more dynamic 'memory' of the Reputation System is that the system will be more accurate in delivering penalties to a larger group of offending players and will make bypassing the system more difficult.



In Operation Dread Factor, we've made numerous quality of life changes to help players more clearly understand when and what penalties are active and more.

Y8S2 Updates

  • Activation banner appears on the first round rather than every round

  • Active Penalty Banner renamed to Penalties from Warnings

  • Active Penalty banner disappears shortly after a round begins

  • Active Penalty icons remain for match duration.

  • Penalty pop-ups will appear when returning to the main menu. If a pop-up was missed, it will appear after launching the game.

Looking Forward

As we move forward with the Reputation System, we will continue to release updates in multiple areas. The Y8S2 update has already brought UI improvements for the reputation penalties and as we progress, we will continue to perform systemwide rebalancing as needed. In Y8S3 we will be introducing several new features that aim to improve players' insight into their Reputation Standing and create new opportunities to interact. We continue to be focused on delivering on our core goal of improving player experience in Rainbow Six Siege.

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