Would you say you’re good at improvising? Adapting on the fly when what you’re used to is no longer within your reach? This new Arcade might test your limits, but in the end you’ll come out a stronger player. In this game mode, you’ll have to get familiar with many Operators in order to win.

From July 9th to July 13th, take part in the Attrition!


The main thing to understand about this game mode is the reason why it’s called Attrition. As the match progresses, each round victory will block you from picking the Operators you won with for the rest of the match.
Losses, on the other hand, cause no blocks. This means that the closer you get to winning a match, the less Operators you can choose from. The matches are always Bomb, and the map is randomly selected from a small roster, with the same amount of rounds as Unranked.
Pick wisely and strategize with your teammates, and you’ll come out on top!

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