Game Health Toxicity: Reputation Update


What Is It?
The written chat penalty aims to reduce unwanted communication and the impact that top offenders have on others in our game by triggering counter measures when repeated abuse is detected.

Expected Penalty Behavior
Players who engage with a high amount of text chat abuse will firstly receive warnings. If the offense continues after two warnings, the written chat penalty will be triggered, leading to the player's outgoing text chat being muted to others by default for the next 30 matches.

Current State
Currently the system is in a grace period and during this period players will only receive warnings. Once over, players who did not adjust or amend their ways of communicating, will be sanctioned. We'll continue to monitor and improve this feature.


What Is It?
The Reputation Center in its current release displays information about a player's active penalties and their remaining duration. As the Reputation system evolves, this section will update to display more information about a player's Reputation as well as active penalties.

Where To Find It
With two penalties being live, a Reputation tile has been added to the Home section, below the Alpha Packs tile. This tile will display the number of active penalties and provide access to the Reputation Center.

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