CODE OF CONDUCT: The way we play

At Ubisoft we are committed to providing an inclusive gaming environment where everyone, anywhere in our global community can have fun while feeling safe and respected.

We value each and every member of our community and we appreciate your passion for our games. After all, where would we be without you? We trust you to be respectful and kind to yourselves and to one another. Together, we’re making this community stronger, safer and more positive.

To that end, our Code of Conduct establishes a set of core guidelines that all players, partners and employees must follow when participating in activities associated with Ubisoft’s products or services, both on and offline – we all play by the same rules.

This document supplements Ubisoft’s Terms of Use. For more details, please refer to our terms: https://legal.ubi.com/termsofuse/

[R6S] CoC IllegalBehaviour


Safety first. The safety of our players, partners and employees is our highest priority.

Ubisoft does not tolerate threats, sexual or moral harassment, discrimination, endangerment of others, stalking, doxing or any other illegal or illicit conduct in our communities.


  • Educate yourself and respect local laws.
  • Report any illegal or suspicious activity that you see.


  • Engage in or encourage any form of illegal activity.
  • Put anyone in danger or make them feel unsafe.
  • Pretend to be another player or a Ubisoft employee.

[R6S] CoC ToxicBehaviour


Think IRL. Behind every avatar is a real person. All players should feel safe, welcome and accepted in Ubisoft’s communities and playspaces.

*Ubisoft does not accept any form of bullying, intimidation or the proliferation of hate. *


  • Be your best self! Be kind and play your part in keeping the Ubisoft community great.
  • Be respectful in communicating with others, no matter who or where they are. Make sure to use and share appropriate language and content.
  • Stay cool. We’ve all had games where emotions run high. If you need to, take a break, take a deep breath, or just hit pause.


  • Use any form of bullying, harassment, or hateful language to target others (whether they are players or Ubisoft employees) online or offline.
  • Lose control. It’s easy to lash out or give in when things get tense, but don’t let your adrenaline do the talking.

[R6S] CoC Cheating


Have fun and play fair. Let your skills alone take you to the top.

All players are created equal. Anything aimed at gaining an unfair advantage disrupts the balance of our games and is damaging to our communities


  • Play fair and encourage others to do so.
  • Call out cheating and help us foster fair play by using our reporting features.


  • Cheat! Buying, making, distributing or promoting cheats for our games ruins the experience for all, even you.
  • Have a 3rd party malicious software running in the background even if you’re not actively benefitting from it while playing.
  • Abuse exploits or glitches to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Attempt to edit, corrupt or change Game or server code.
  • Use macros or mods.
  • Purchase of game benefits, including but not limited to “MMR boosting services”.
  • Buy accounts or cosmetics via 3rd party sellers.
  • Exploit a broadcaster's live broadcast in order to gain an unfair advantage or harass them in-game, such as stream sniping.
  • Use of hardware or devices that provides, or is intended to provide, an unfair advantage.

INVESTIGATION & SANCTIONS: Your actions have consequences

When you’re using Ubisoft’s games and services, be respectful towards all players, users and our representatives. The purpose of our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use is to provide safe and welcoming communities for all, and any suspected breaches of these guidelines and rules will result in an investigation that could lead to sanctions. Sanctions can include; but are not limited to: restricted access to certain services, suspensions and bans at game or at account level. Sanctions may vary depending on the severity, impact and/or frequency of breaches. We don’t enjoy taking this kind of action, but breaking the rules can negatively impact the community, and therefore we need to hold you accountable.

SECURITY: Protect your account & yourself

We strongly advise our gamers against sharing personal or account information with anyone else. This includes information that could be used to identify you, like your telephone number, home address, etc., as well as information that could be used to compromise your account, like your email address or answers to your security questions, etc. Ubisoft representatives will never ask you for your password. Help us help you, we count on you to keep your account safe, secure and to yourself.

MODERATION: We’re looking out for you

You are responsible for all actions and any comments you make in-game, on our forums or within other Ubisoft services. To protect our communities, representatives and partners, we may remove any and all content published by you that is in breach of this Code of Conduct or our Terms of Use.

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