[R6S] Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners


Sugar Fright Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our #PumpkinSiege Carving Contest!

You've shared with us your best Siege-themed pumpkins and made our Halloween extra spooky. We saw so many fantastic submissions and are truly amazed by your carving skills, so thank you once again!

While it was difficult, we've selected 10 winners that wowed us the most with their creativity and craftmanship.

Winners Prizes:

10 Winners: Full Sugar Fright Collection


[R6S] PumpkinContest 1

[R6S] PumpkinContest 2

[R6S] PumpkinContest 3

[R6S] PumpkinContest 4

[R6S] PumpkinContest 5

[R6S] PumpkinContest 6

[R6S] PumpkinContest 7

[R6S] PumpkinContest 8

[R6S] PumpkinContest 9

[R6S] PumpkinContest 10

Congratulations to all the winners!

Don't forget to follow the links and show some love for their spooky creations!

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