Y6S1 Crimson Heist Patch Notes Addendum

Updates and fixes made over the course of the Y6S1 Test Server. For the full Crimson Heist Patch Notes, follow the link below.

Crimson Heist Season Patch Notes: https://rainbow6.com/crimsonheist


Due to data consolidation following changes in textures, the patch size will be larger than usual.

Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

Ubisoft Connect:

  • 59 GB if live build was installed with HD PACK
  • 33 GB if live build was installed without HD PACK

Steam: 10 GB

Xbox One: 18 GB

Xbox Series X: 18 GB

PS4: 24 GB

PS5: 28 GB




  • Reduced the RCE-Ratero Charge's explosion radius from 4 M to 3 M, and its lethal range from 2 M to 1.5 M.
  • This change was designed to encourage players to develop a focused strategy when using the RCE-Ratero Charge, as a smaller explosion radius requires accuracy.
  • This change reduces the radius by only 25%. However, the surface covered by the RCE-Ratero Charge explosion is reduced by almost 50%, and the total volume of the explosion is reduced by more than 50%.


In-Game Tips

  • In-game tips have been added to the HUD. In addition, some warning messages and in-game feedback have been reworked.


  • User remains zoomed in on Ubisoft Connect interface after pressing the Right Trigger on Xbox Series X before the interface finishes loading.
  • Unique ability is missing from the information displayed in Support Mode.

Match Replay

  • Rewinding after fast forwarding will cause the destruction replication issues.
    • Workaround: Playing the destruction scene normally at least once will allow the player to fast forward/rewind that scene without issue.
  • Some SFX loop infinitely under certain circumstances.
    • Workaround: Using the rewind 5 seconds button or interacting with the timeline to stop the audio loop.
  • The effects filter stays present after using rewind.
    • Workaround: Replaying the scene when the gadget effect is applied will remove the filter.
  • The sound is out of sync when using fast forward or slow motion.
  • On the first round, the first person camera is offset in the replay of a player that joined a match in progress.
  • Ping system is not working in match replays.
  • The Hostage is captured even if the Attacker cancelled the action.
  • Various HUD and VFX elements are missing.
  • Several missing/misplaced SFX.



  • FIXED – Various invite and matchmaking errors.
  • FIXED – Various Deployable Shield issues.
  • FIXED – The first situation "01 CQB Basics" is not available throughout the PlayGo.
  • FIXED – Online Custom Game hosts are unable to create a second online match.
  • FIXED – Various issues occur when the second to last player alive is eliminated right before the last player.
  • FIXED – Operators in DBNO can move freely while being revived by Finka's Adrenal Surge or Doc's Stim Pistol.
  • FIXED – Navigate secondary input doesn't work to exit rappel.
  • FIXED – Planting the Defuser on top of the round table located in 1F Lobby destroys it.
  • FIXED – Missing blue in-use light on cameras when an Attacker is standing in the Jammer effect radius.
  • FIXED – The HUD counter does not always display the accurate number of opponent AI in Elimination.
  • FIXED – Users can't vault on shelves in 1F Compressor Room on Outback map.
  • FIXED – During the end of round replay, the camera displays the inside of the player's head for a fraction of second.
  • FIXED – Newly deployed metal objects are not electrified right away when they are deployed in range of a disabled Electro Claw.
  • FIXED – When all Attackers and their drones are eliminated after the defuser is planted, the spectator camera fixes on where they were eliminated, instead of the defuser.
  • FIXED – The reactivation of Kaid's Electro Claw is delayed after being disabled by Thatcher's EMP Grenade.
  • FIXED – Echo's Yokai is briefly seen if player presses space bar at the same time that it's destroyed.
  • FIXED – Reinforcing a wall does not destroy sticky gadgets if they are deployed at the top of some walls or on the ceiling.
  • FIXED – Surrendering during the end of round replay does not take away or give ELO. This bug has already been patched on live servers and this is intended to be a long-term fix to the bug.
  • FIXED – Eliminating an opponent with an explosive after death doesn't count towards the Blast Wave Challenge in Battle Pass.
  • FIXED – Players with high latency might be unable to perform actions after exiting their drone.
  • FIXED - The prompt that appears when a player tries to attach a shield to a doorframe does not appear if a Bulletproof Camera is placed beside the doorframe.


  • FIXED – Various lighting issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Multiple map asset destruction and collision issues.
  • FIXED - Exploitable gaps in various map areas.
  • FIXED - Hatches have inconsistent bullet penetration.
  • FIXED – Various defuser planting and retrieval issues in specific areas on maps.


  • FIXED – Remove pawn collision on some assets for better smooth vault to prevent players getting stuck.


  • FIXED – Various clipping and asset issues on Border map.
  • FIXED – Various LOD issues on Border map.
  • FIXED – Attackers are able to plant the defuser on top of a locker in 2F Armory Lockers on Border map.
  • FIXED – Players can easily spawn peek from atop a desk towards the EXT West Road Spawn on Border map.
  • FIXED – The sound is propagated through supplementary nodes on the west wall of 1F Detention on Border map.
  • FIXED – The drone can go out of bounds to the South of the radiator from EXT Pedestrian Customs on Border map.
  • FIXED – Operators are able to vault on top of a shelf located at 1F Tellers on Border map.
  • FIXED – Rappel prompt disappears when getting too close to the destructible wall in EXT Parking Lot Alley on Border map.
  • FIXED – Missing vault prompt along most of the length of the railing that leads to EXT Crash Scene on Border map.
  • FIXED – Operators can take damage with explosives from 1F Main Stairs towards 2F Main Hallway on Border map.
  • FIXED - The luggage on Border map blocks explosions from damaging nearby Operators.
  • FIXED - The hostage spawns on top of the desk in 1F Customs Inspections during Protect Hostage on Border map.
  • FIXED - Various location names missing from compass in drone view on Border map.


  • FIXED – Spinning in a specific location creates FPS drops for everyone in the same match on Chalet map.


  • FIXED – Various new iterations of LOD issues present.


  • FIXED – Operators can hide inside the loom after vaulting from the secure box in 2F Loom Room on Hereford Base map
  • FIXED – Attackers remain stuck after falling from the left building roof in the space between the brick gate and the electric panels at EXT Spitfire Courtyard on Hereford Base map.


  • FIXED – Attackers can secure the area of 2F Train Museum by rappelling outside on Kafe Dostoyevsky map.
  • FIXED – Area cannot be secured in 2F Train Museum when the operator is close to the fireplace wall on Kafe Dostoyevsky map.
  • FIXED - Small area in 3F Cigar Shop that is considered out of bounds for Defenders on Kafe Dostoyevsky map.


  • FIXED – Certain deployable gadgets cannot be deployed on the blue carpet located in 2F Piano Room on Outback map.


  • FIXED – Various new iterations of LOD issues present.


  • FIXED – Weapons customized during the Planning Phase are not visually updated in Operators section.
  • FIXED – Various visual fixes and clipping issues for Operators and their gadgets.
  • FIXED – Forced unlean and various minor animation issues.
  • FIXED – Minor overlay animation issues for operators and their gadgets.
  • FIXED – Multiple clipping issues for Operator weapons, headgear, and uniforms.
  • FIXED – Operators return to a neutral standing position after performing a melee while leaning.


  • FIXED – When Alibi's Prisma is thrown and hit midair by Thatcher's EMP Grenade, the opening animation still occurs.
  • FIXED – Alibi's Prisma doesn't redeploy after falling through a hatch.
  • FIXED - Alibi's Prisma icon scales differently for the Operator and hologram.


  • FIXED – Multiple issues while using Aruni's Surya Gate.
  • FIXED – Aruni's melee cannot destroy Gridlock's Trax Stingers when Aruni is played by the host in a Local Custom Game.
  • FIXED – Aruni's Surya Gate appears deactivated to players over 20 M away.
  • FIXED – Aruni's Surya Gate and Kaid's Rtila Electroclaw incorrectly display a pulsing effect when disabled by Thatcher's EMP Grenade and viewed through IQ's Electronics Detector.
  • FIXED - Attackers will sometimes take damage from Aruni's Surya Gate when the Preparation Phase ends if they change their spawn point.


  • FIXED – The Enemies Blinded statistic for Blitz is not updating.


  • FIXED – White light on Clash's CCE Shield does not turn off when the shield is disabled by Thatcher's EMP Grenade.
  • FIXED - Players receive no feedback when Clash's CCE Shield is on cooldown and can't be activated.


  • FIXED – The disabled state for Echo's Yokai does not appear for players who join a game in progress.
  • FIXED – Echo's Yokai can remain stuck in the metal pipes from 2F Archives on Border map.
  • FIXED – Echo's Yokai can be attached to the outside of the southern door frame at 2F East Stairs on Border map.


  • FIXED – Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge is not destroyed if the wheels are shot while the gadget is moving.
  • FIXED – Flores' RCE-Ratero controller will disappear when the player faces a wall.
  • FIXED – Distorted SFX when a player joins an in-progress game and spectates Flores while he is deploying the RCE-Ratero Charge.
  • FIXED – Flores' voice line is missing when the RCE-Ratero Charge gets destroyed.
  • FIXED – On some occasions, Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge is deployed with the wheels closed.
  • FIXED – Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge wheels don't appear to turn for onlookers.
  • FIXED – No audio line is triggered when Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge is driving under Aruni's Surya Gate.
  • FIXED – When Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge gets anchored to a wall, the explosion cannot be heard from the other side of that wall.
  • FIXED – Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge stops rolling when the player exits the device's camera view and deploys a drone at the same time.
  • FIXED – White outline can be noticed on Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge from support mode and caster view.
  • FIXED – Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge will destroy only one layer of the soft wall when anchored on the glass of Mira's Black Mirror.
  • FIXED – The wheels of Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge appear closed in match replays.
  • FIXED – The explosion radius of Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge is big enough to destroy gadgets on the floor above.
  • FIXED - High latency can cause player to be stuck in the camera view of Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge when trying to exit after deploying it.
  • FIXED - Exiting Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge while it is being anchored causes the player to be able to exit the camera view faster.
  • FIXED - Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge can be deployed inside some objects.
  • FIXED - Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge doesn't destroy windows when hitting them mid-jump.
  • FIXED - Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge stops rolling if Flores' body is inside the range of Mute's Signal Disruptor.
  • FIXED - If deployed on a wall, Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge remains floating after Oryx destroys the wall with Remah Dash.
  • FIXED - Flores' face is partially covered by his weapon in the Operator section menu.


  • FIXED – Frost's Welcome Mat will not deploy on some elevated surfaces.


  • FIXED – When fired at a barricade that is then removed, Hibana's X-Kairos pellets float in mid-air.
  • FIXED – Friendly Fire penalty occurs when an ally destroys Hibana's X-Kairos pellets on a reinforced hatch.
  • FIXED – Using 2 pellets from Hibana's X-Kairos, Attackers are able to breach a reinforced wall that's been electrified by Kaid.


  • FIXED – Invisible phone in the animation that occurs when IQ selects Observation Tools.
  • FIXED – Defender phones don't display a pulsing effect when detected by IQ's Electronics Detector.


  • FIXED – Kali's CSRX 300 shows a damage value of 97 instead of 122.
  • FIXED – Kali's CSRX 300 does not always destroy a hatch with one bullet.
  • FIXED – Kali's CSRX 300 won't destroy a hatch if only one panel is hit.


  • FIXED – Inconsistent deployment prompt for Kapkan's Entry Denial Device.


  • FIXED - Maverick's Breaching Torch has to be used twice to destroy the destructible layer of floors that have carpets on them on Border map.


  • FIXED – Mira's Black Mirror can be deployed on the wrong side of a reinforced wall.
  • FIXED – Mira's Black Mirror has a bigger hitbox when held.


  • FIXED – Mozzie's Pest Launcher loses its functionality after it is shot on top of Gridlock's Trax Stingers.
  • FIXED – Pest warning is displayed when the player uses Observation Tools after capturing a drone as Mozzie.
  • FIXED – Mozzie's Pests only capture Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge when it's anchored.
  • FIXED – Mozzie's Pests are not interrupting the timer/explosion after catching Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge.
  • FIXED - Warning icon for Mozzie's Pests only works according to the first Pest a drone has approached while simultaneously in range of 2 of them at the same time.
  • FIXED - Warning icon for Mozzie's Pest does not blink when a drone is thrown in range of a Pest and moves to another Pest's range.


  • FIXED – VFX for Mute is missing in certain circumstances.
  • FIXED – Deploying Mute's Signal Disruptor while Observation Tools are in use by Attackers prevents them from being jammed.
  • FIXED – Various Claymore issues when the gadget is affected by Mute's Signal Disruptor.
  • FIXED - While inside Mute's Signal Disrupter range, the warning message for some gadgets is shown when the gadget is in the Operator's hands.


  • FIXED – Oryx's Remah Dash can hit Attackers behind reinforced walls.


  • FIXED - Tachanka's DP27 LMG will destroy only one layer on multi-layered destructible walls.


  • FIXED – Thatcher's EMP Grenade will not disable Clash's CCE Shield when activating the shield at the same time as the EMP explosion.


  • FIXED – Twitch's Shock Drone cannot fire through debris.


  • FIXED – Disabled effects remain on Wamai's Mag-NET when it self-destructs.


  • FIXED – Zero's Argus Launcher has a green highlight when ADS is activated in end of round replay.


  • FIXED – Various performance issues on PS5.
  • FIXED – A black screen appears when the game is booted on Xbox One X.
  • FIXED – Various issues with Ubisoft notifications and Rewards.
  • FIXED – Friendly fire prompt does not appear when match cancellation prompt is active.
  • FIXED – Bundles don't appear as owned when buying a larger bundle that contains them.
  • FIXED – Multiple UI improvements and fixes.
  • FIXED – Minor voice over, VFX, and audio issues.
  • FIXED – Minor cosmetic and shop fixes.
  • FIXED – Multiple customization issues.
  • FIXED – Various issues with chat accessibility features.
  • FIXED – Various localization issues throughout the game.
  • FIXED – Defenders can prevent a match cancellation by prematurely ending the round.
  • FIXED – Getting shot by Maestro's Evil Eye causes the game to crash.
  • FIXED – Switching from one monitor to another removes the first monitor's resolution presets.
  • FIXED – Various UI and audio issues in match replays.
  • FIXED – Various killfeed/ticker elements remain stuck on screen.
  • FIXED – Various UI issues with Observation Tools.
  • FIXED – There is no confirmation window after changing settings during a match.
  • FIXED – A typo can be observed in a hard text image in Arabic on Border map.
  • FIXED – Custom Graphic settings cannot be applied.
  • FIXED – Player card goes outside of screen in certain aspect ratios.
  • FIXED – When a player is eliminated, the kill cam showcases the opponent.
  • FIXED – Outdated warning message appears when Defenders are detected outdoors.
  • FIXED – Incorrect message is displayed for caster when looking at the first-person view of an eliminated player.
  • FIXED – The timer is overlapping the objective in Disarm Bomb (Training Grounds game mode).
  • FIXED – New messages stay on screen for more than 6 seconds when the chat module is unfocused.
  • FIXED – The switches for reduced situation difficulty are not enabled by default.
  • FIXED – Forgiveness vote will appear for a kicked user.
  • FIXED – Charms are displayed backwards on the GONNE-6.
  • FIXED - Triple and quad multi-kills are not triggering the animation.
  • FIXED - Missing bonus score for Incendiary Grenade kills.
  • FIXED - Progression header overlaps with the player count in Hostage and Secure Area game modes.
  • FIXED - Y5S4 Champions Charm notification displays an incorrect Charm image.
  • FIXED - Various Charms have low resolution on very high resolution settings.
  • FIXED - Ash appears in the first ban briefly, even when she has not been banned.
  • FIXED - Defuser icon has no shading when held by the Operator.
  • FIXED - If a Surrender vote is denied, it becomes unavailable in subsequent rounds.
  • FIXED - During the Planning Phase of a Custom Game of Bomb, players can pick and drop the defuser after Operators have been locked.
  • FIXED - Recruit's description in the Operator selection phase mentions that he only has two reinforcements.

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