Reputation System: Activation & More

Operation Deep Freeze has brought with it the full release of the Reputation System in a grace period. Here we'll be covering what the full release means for players, how it will continue to improve, and the actions we've recently taken to further protect players.


With the Reputation System, we are staying true to our core pillars:


Following our core principles, we aim to shield our players against toxicity, curb in-game disruptions and negative behavior, encourage "pro-social" behavior, reform or remove toxic players, and more, while ultimately reinforcing the cooperative nature of Siege.

Our guiding philosophy with the Reputation System itself is that each player should know why they have a particular Reputation Standing, what they can do to modify their playstyle or interactions and improve their position in the Reputation System. We want to ensure that players have the proper tools available to them and the opportunities to make any necessary adjustments. This release of the Reputation System marks an essential step for us, and with player feedback being a crucial part of our strategy, we will be listening to your thoughts and concerns.



Before we delve into the latest Reputation System update, if you didn't see our Operation Deep Freeze reveal panel, we've got a recap covering what's been added in Y8S4 and what to expect in the future.


The Reputation System has been released with updated features and UI, and an ongoing grace period. This grace period means that there will currently be no impact based on a player's Reputation Standing alone, giving players an opportunity to become accustomed to the updated system and to adjust any behaviors before the impacts go live. In the meantime, we will be monitoring the system, collecting feedback, and performing calibrations, ensuring the Reputation System is ready before the grace period is lifted. Note however, that this grace period does not affect currently implemented penalties such as communication penalties and reverse friendly fire that are already live.


We've updated the Reputation Center to bring even more information to players. Now you'll be able to see your biggest opportunities for improvement, the impacts that your Reputation Standing could have (after the grace period), and more.

Two new sections in the updated Reputation Center are Tips and Guides. Here we're sharing tips that can help players to improve their Reputation Standing and on their way to becoming great Siege community members and players.

[R6S] Reputation System: Activation & More - Rep Center

With this release you'll start to see notifications with information about changes to your Reputation Standing. Players will be notified of Reputation Standing adjustments, as well as any possible effects current behavior could have on their Reputation Standing in the future. As part of these notifications, we'll also share the impacts that a player could face once the grace period has come to a close.

[R6S] Reputation System: Activation & More - notification


Once the grace period has ended, there will be a range of positive and negative impacts depending on a player's Reputation Standing. We will share further updates in the future regarding when the grace period will end.

Having positive and good behaviour could bring:

  • Improved Renown gain.
  • Increased experience points.
  • Bonus Alpha Pack progress.
  • Unique rewards.

Alternatively, negative and unwanted behavior could lead to:

  • Reduced experience and rewards.
  • Ranked rewards locks.
  • Playlist locks.

These negative impacts have been specifically chosen to help players to rehabilitate and adapt their behaviors in order to have those effects reversed or removed later in their journey.


Players who find their playlists restricted will need to increase their Reputation Standing in order to make them available once more. This means that players who have the lock enabled will actively need to change their behaviors in the remaining game modes, resulting in those good behaviors being reinforced.

The Ranked rewards lock will behave similarly to the playlist lock, and those who receive a lock on the upcoming Ranked rewards will also have opportunities to rectify the situation. In the following season players who increase their Reputation Standing to Respectable, will have their previous rewards granted.


In-game reporting is incredibly helpful to our Player Protection team. Your in-game reports help to make our automatic detection more robust; they assist in investigations carried out by our Player Protection team, and aid in creating a safer playspace for everyone.

We do also want to reiterate to players that while in-game reporting continues to be an invaluable tool for our Player Protection team to leverage, players will not be sanctioned based on in-game reports alone.

We want players to know they can make use of the in-game reporting system, though we know that there are others looking to misuse these reporting tools as a method of abuse. Following your feedback, we've updated our system to better account for and to prevent report spamming. Critically however, players with poor behavior will still be able to be reported correctly, resulting in possible Reputation Penalties or game sanctions. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our validations while building upon and creating new safeguards, further increasing the robustness of our systems.


Currently, the Reputation System already takes advantage of a whole host of positive and negative stats including in-game reports, Commendations, Reverse Friendly Fire, abandon abuse, and more, with the use of safeguarding logic. While these have given us enough data overall to provide a fair representation of a player's behavior, we know that we can further increase precision with additional data points covering other common player behaviors. To this end, we're working on including more granular data to define a player's Reputation with even more accuracy.


The new improvements we are introducing this season should greatly reduce occurrences of players finding undeserved reports on their Misconduct page, while also stopping illegitimate Reputation Penalties in worst case scenarios. If you continue to experience any issue with the Reputation System after this update, please report it via R6Fix.

You should expect to see additional adjustments and communications in the months to come around balancing, additional actions and protections, and Reputation Standing impacts, as we work to create a system that works best for everyone. We are always listening to your feedback and working on improvements to better reflect our goals; we want to make sure we're achieving the right results by rewarding positive and reputable players, while helping other players to improve their behavior.

As we continue into Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze, keep in mind that the Reputation System will remain in a grace period. During that time, you'll get to see the impact of your in-game actions in the Reputation Center without having the effects applied. None of the impacts highlighted in the Reputation Center will be activated until this system is fully balanced and officially released, however, Reputation Penalties which are already live such as voice or written chat Penalties will continue to work as usual.

We want Siege to not only be a game of competitiveness and strategy, but also of joy and comfort. The Reputation System forms an essential component of our strategy to protect players, and we remain dedicated to our mandate of creating a welcoming environment for all.

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