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Operation Health is all about fixing several issues and investing in better technology to make sure we keep growing strong in the upcoming years.

As announced during the Six Invitational, game health is our priority. To achieve this goal we took the decision to fully dedicate the three months of Season 2 to improving our game. This means pushing back our season set in Hong Kong and launching instead, Operation Health.

Operation Health is all about fixing several issues and investing in better technology to make sure we keep growing strong in the upcoming years. This includes better servers, 1-step matchmaking, better deployment of updates, and many other improvements on issues that have been around for a long time.


Here are the three pillars that will serve as focus points for our dev team during the next three months:


Simplified & faster flow


Dedicated Voice and Party system

Less errors for players, more reliable


Higher tick rate & improved hit registration


Gradual deployment TTS → PC → CONSOLE for a more efficient quality control


Ability to rollback faster to previous systems in case of emergency


Addressing top community bugs in smaller batches to keep an eye on efficiency


In terms of scheduling, the health roadmap below outlines our broader priorities and how they will be deployed over the next three months.


With Operation Health pushing back our season set in Hong Kong, we needed to rethink our Year 2 Roadmap. Hong Kong will be released in August as part of Season Three and South Korea in November during Season Four. While Poland no longer has a dedicated season, our GROM Operators will be released at the start of Season Three and Four.

Finally, we have decided to reduce the number of new maps to three this year (including the released map set in Spain) to truly prioritize our game’s health.

You can find below our updated Year 2 Roadmap:

Known Issues

Throughout the next three months of Operation Health, we will be updating the following Known Issues list on a weekly basis. If you encounter a bug that is not listed below, please let us know by either using the Rainbow Six subreddit, Forums, or submitting a customer support ticket here.


[Ranked] Join in Progress
Players are currently able to join an ongoing Ranked match in progress.


[PC][BattlEye] BattlEye Troubleshooting

We are aware that some users are encountering difficulty when attempting to run the game with BattlEye. Please refer to the FAQ here, and the troubleshooting thread here.

[XB1/PS4/PC][Multiplayer] Connection Issues / IPv6

If your Internet provider is using an IPv6 protocol and you are experiencing issues with online functions of the game, please make sure that IPv4 protocol support is enabled in your router settings. Unfortunately due to sheer number of different router models available on the market we are unable to guide you how to do it, but information regarding this setting should be available in your router's manual or on your ISP's support website.


[PC][BattlEye] Poor Laptop FPS

We are aware that some users are facing significantly decreased performance when attempting to play on a laptop. Please refer to the troubleshooting thread here.

[PC][General] Monitor Display

Triple monitor display configurations are no longer functional.


[Bug/Glitch] Suppressor Damage Reduction

Suppressors effect the damage of some weapons beyond what is intended.

[Bug/Glitch] Nitro cell Placement

C4 will sometimes spawn in unintended locations and be unreachable by players.

[Bug/Glitch][Echo] Yokai does not properly attached to the ceiling

Attaching Yokai to the ceiling will cause “Losing signal, get back inside” message to be displayed in the following locations: Wine Cellar (Chalet), Arsenal (Clubhouse), Vault Lobby (Bank), Main Stairs (Skyscraper), Laundry Room (House), 2nd Floor Office (Hereford).

[XB1][Bug/Glitch] Blue Screen
Players on Xbox One will sometimes have their entire screen turn blue, aside from a small portion that can be seen through.

[Bug/Glitch] OWM/Sledgehammer not destroying both sides of a wall

Mira’s One Way Mirror, and Sledge’s Breaching Hammer do not always destroy both sides of a wall.

[Bug/Glitch] User Profile failed to load

Players will sometimes be presented with a “User Profile failed to load” error message, which resets all of their attachments/skins.

[Bug/Glitch] Weapon/Sight misalignment

In some cases, the weapon/slight alignment on the ACOG + L85A2 is not accurate. The holographic sight on the Bearing 9 is too high.

[Bug/Glitch][Border] Standing on a hatch while securing

Players will not contest the Secure the Area objective when stepping on the side of a blown up hatch.

[Bug/Glitch][Border] Drone can be thrown through map’s textures

Drone can be thrown through map’s textures in some locations.

[Bug/Glitch] Breach Charge clipping through barricade

Sometimes the breach charge can be seen clipping through the barricaded door when deployed.

[Bug/Glitch] Breaching round

On some maps, Ash's gadget can get stuck on the glass it's supposed to go through. The player can still shoot through the glass, but it has no effect on the gadget.

[Bug/Glitch][Chalet] Chimney clipping

On occasion, players are able to push through the chimney and end up inside it. Vagueness is intended to prevent exploiting.

[Bug/Glitch] Infinite EXP Sound

We are aware of an issue related to the EXP sound effect. Vagueness is intended to prevent exploiting.

[Bug/Glitch]Getting inside the vending machine

This bug is similar to the Chalet Chimney Glitch and occurs in the same way. Vagueness is intended to prevent exploiting.

[Bug/Glitch] 100% CPU issue

Sometimes while using Discord, the game would occasionally mute ongoing calls and turn up the CPU to or close to 100%.

[Bug/Glitch] Fuze Quicksand bundle Textures

The Quicksand headgear will have low resolution texture on preview screen and in game if the Ultra HD Texture pack is not installed.

[Bug/Glitch][Kanal] Confetti texture on Kanal

The confetti texture can be dislodged from the ground and obstruct player’s vision.

[Bug/Glitch] Explosive 1.1 charm physics

The Explosive 1.1 charm does not have any physics on the chains and hangs at an angle on certain weapons.

[Bug/Glitch] Montagne’s shield low resolution texture

The Montagne texture applied on the shield appears low resolution in comparison with the texture applied on the recruit shield.

[Bug/Glitch] [Favela] Defuser dropped through textures

In rare cases, the defuser is dropped through the textures into unreachable areas.

[Bug/Glitch] [Consulate] Vaulting over a metal railing

In some instances, Operators can pass through a single Hibana Pellet hole.

[Bug/Glitch] Valkyrie’s incorrect blood type patches

Valkyrie presents the wrong blood type patches on her kneepads.

[Bug/Glitch] Doc’s stim pistol incorrect behaviour

Doc can add additional charges to his Stim Pistol.

[Bug/Glitch] [Kanal] Defenders can spot attackers through a building

Attackers can be spotted when spawned at the docks at the beginning of the round.

[Bug/Glitch] 0 renown and Alpha Pack Chances

Sometimes 0 renown and no Alpha Pack chances are awarded after completing a match.

[Bug/Glitch] Bandit’s battery destroyed with Twitch’s Shock Drone

In some cases, Bandit’s Battery has a visual delay when destroyed by Twitch’s drone.

[Bug/Glitch] [Favela] Spawn Peek

Attackers can be killed from a certain spot in Favela after spawning. Vagueness is intended to prevent exploit.

[Bug/Glitch] Valkyrie cameras advantage

An exploit exists that allows Valkyrie to gain an unintended advantage through her cameras.

[Bug/Glitch] [Terrorist Hunt] Players in a squad from different regions

Players in a squad from different regions get separated when trying to play squad-only TH


[XB1/PS4/PC][General] Hit Registration for both players in 1st Person View is inaccurate

Hit registration is one of the priorities that we will be focusing on during Operation Health.

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The first major title update in Operation Health focuses heavily on implementing 1-Step Matchmaking and Interactive Matchmaking. This is a major technological improvement and so we will be using our new deployment process to ensure smooth delivery to all players. Title Update 2.1 is now available on all platforms.

The next update, patch 2.2.2, will be focused on issues with Hibana, Smoke grenade replication, aiming consistency, Alpha Pack Deployment, and other long-persisting issues. However, it should be noted that a lot of what we are working on regarding gameplay fixes will be arriving in Season 3.


The health of the game is of utmost importance to the longevity of Rainbow Six Siege. We are implementing a lot of technical backend support. One these major technological improvements is the new 1-Step Matchmaking and Interactive Matchmaking.

1-Step Matchmaking is a streamlined updated which means more stability, and faster matchmaking results. Stability and performance is one of the primary goals for the dev team, and this is one giant step towards better performance and faster queue times.

Interactive Matchmaking allows you the freedom to purchase items from the shop, unlock new operators, and change your loadouts without leaving matchmaking. We are also introducing a post-match opt-in and opt-out flow so you or your party can choose to re-enter matchmaking to find a new game, return to the main menu, or continue to queue with the current players.


There will be a redesign of the hitboxes for all operators. The new design will make it so the hitbox only includes what you would think of as the human body. This means that baggy clothing, pouches, headgear, bags, accessories, etc. will not be included in the hitbox of all Operators. This change will impact present and future operators, and will allow for a full artistic freedom on character models and customization without a heavy impact on gameplay balancing.

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