Monopoly Madness - Dino City

Dino City brings the most frantic race for riches to the prehistoric era. Buy tropical buildings to grow your real estate empire! Avoid prison and use dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, and other tricks to get the upper hand on your opponents.

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Game Overview

Madness In The Jungle

Fight against other players to collect Money, Lava, and Bones, and use them to buy and upgrade properties. Discover five exclusive arenas nestled in the heart of a tropical jungle where mighty dinosaurs meet lava, palm trees, and charming streets.

Dinosaur Frenzy

Open Community Chests to discover new power-ups. You can now ride an ankylosaurus to crash into buildings, throw carnivorous plants at your opponents, and more. Overcome new chaotic events to win the race for riches.

New Playable Characters

Dino City introduces two new playable characters including the sweet Caveperson and the adventurous Dodo. Customize your character with two new exclusive hats to be the best looking in the arena.

Challenge Your Friends

You can enjoy the busy Dino City streets in all MONOPOLY Madness game modes. Take on your opponents alone or join forces in Team mode. Play with your friends online and get ready for some Jurassic madness!

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