Gwen's Getaway

Escape the noise and relax by giving derelict cabins a badly needed makeover! Solve satisfying puzzles and pick your favorite designs!

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Retreat into Gwen’s Getaway, a place of renewal and serene nature. Breathe life back into rustic cabins, unlocking a variety of detail-rich new locations to design after your liking. Solve satisfying puzzles, follow relatable storylines, and transform dilapidated dwellings back into cozy cabins.

With stunning, hand-crafted visuals and soothing soundscapes, Gwen’s Getaway is the perfect break from a busy life!

Available to play now in a few select countries. Stay tuned for our global release!

Game Info

Renovate cozy cabins!

Roll up your sleeves together with Gwen & Reina! Help them out with their renovations and see your efforts pay off by creating beautiful, serene retreats.

Customize your decoration!

As you fix up the cabins bit by bit, you can choose everything from the mailbox to the flowerbeds. Pick your favorite and see your vision come together.

Unlock new locations!

Turns out, there’s more cabins in need of work than just Gwen’s very own! Make your way through the Bothwoods, unlocking and renovating a variety of unique locations, like Reina’s greenhouse!

Relax with puzzles!

Keep your mind active with hundreds of cute, satisfying, and sometimes tricky puzzles!

Uncover Gwen’s story!

Leaving behind the drama that ended her desk job as a furniture designer, Gwen retreats to her family’s old cabin in the woods. But those woods are not always as innocuous as they seem!


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Gwen's Getaway

Gwen’s Getaway is a new Decoration/Puzzle game from Ubisoft RedLynx. In a time where one’s attention is demanded every second, the game aims to provide a safe haven, a restful retreat for people with a demanding, busy life.

Players get to breathe life back into rustic cabins, unlocking a variety of detail-rich new locations to design after their liking. Relatable storylines and challenging puzzles are along the way, as dilapidated dwellings are transformed into cozy retreats.

Release Date :

To be announced

Genre :

Puzzle / Decoration

Developer :

Ubisoft RedLynx

Game Availability :

iOS / Android