Journey to the Moon!

Leaping from mind-boggling heights, bouncing off champolines, soaring inches
from floating islands, BUD can do it all - that look of mild terror, that’s his
daredevil face.

Game Overview


Collect MOM’s ship parts with the help of new friend POD. She likes planets. A lot.


Explore an entire alien planet filled with excitement and wonder. And a Flungus.

Walking is Overrated

Walking is overrated - tuck BUD into Ball mode to boost, bounce and roll around the planet.

Take to the air

Take to the air and soar between floating islands like a big metal bird with
the Power Glider.


Exercise those green fingers and overcome obstacles by spawning any plant you’ve
found with the Floradex 3000.


Ride giant Starplants into the sky (yes, we know what they look like…)

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Grow Up!

While out exploring the galaxy in MOM, BUD’S parental spaceship, it explodes into pieces. Like, literally – MOM’s all over the place. The positioning of that moon was terribly inconsiderate.
Now her ship parts are scattered far and wide across an entire alien planet so rich in flora and fauna it would make even the most jaded galactic gardener’s head spin. It’s up to BUD to collect all her parts and get them back to the moon.

Release Date:

16 August 2016




Ubisoft Reflections


PC / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One

Grow Up! is rated:

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