8 December, 2022

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Patch Notes 2.40.0 - For Honor

PS4: 1.4 Gb, Xbox One: 1.9 Gb, PC: 1.9Gb


Fighter Improvements



  • Front Dodge Shove is now 500ms (down from 700ms)
  • Side Dodge Shove is now 533ms (down from 700ms)
  • Recovery for Front and Side Dodge Shoves are now 700m (up from 400ms)

Developer's comment: With these changes, Lawbringer should have better ways to open up opponents, as well as being able to punish opponents more effectively. To compensate, we've slowed down the recovery of the Shoves so that Lawbringer isn't effectively very safe when using them.


  • Reduced stamina pool to 120 (down from 130)
  • Chained Top Heavy now deals 28 damage (down from 30)
  • Chained Side Heavy now deals 26 damage (down from 27)
  • Top Heavy Finisher now deals 30 damage (down from 33)
  • Side Heavy Finisher now deals 28 damage (down from 30)
  • Zone Attack in Chains now deals 28 damage (down from 32)

Developer's comment: Raider's damage is too high; we've decided to adjust it slightly down so to have no attack deal more than 30 damage. We've also lowered Raider's stamina pool, as the hero already has very good stamina economy and is able to sustain offense for extended periods of time. We feel that 120 stamina should be a better point for the hero and should be less frustrating to fight against.


  • Heavy Finishers' Uninterruptible Stance now begins at 100ms (down from 300ms)

Developer's comment: Warlord's Uninterruptible Stance on finishers started slightly too late to be as effective as we'd like, so we're adjusting the timing to be on par with other heroes and to be better used in group fighting situations.


  • All moves that could chain to Jab on Hit or Block now also can chain to Jab on Miss
  • Minimum Charge Time for Jab is now 300ms (down from 400ms)
  • Maximum Charge Time for Charged Jab is now 1000ms (up from 800ms)

Developer's Comment: These changes ensure that Centurion's Charged Jab should hit opponents who buffered a dodge attack after a Light or Heavy attack and trade favorably in Centurion's favor. We've also sped up the minimum charge time to give the hero better mixup potential, especially after Heavy attacks. We've also given Centurion the ability to chain to Jab when missing attack, which should help the hero reach their mixup more effectively.


  • Fuscina Ictus now unbalances opponents who are Out of Stamina

Developer's Comment: With the new rules giving unbalanced opponents their Stamina back when getting up, we felt it was time to bring back the ability for Gladiator to unbalance Out of Stamina opponents with Fuscina Ictus. Since it no longers threatens with unbalancing loops, its power level is in a healthier spot. We've also adjusted chain timings to guarantee either a Heavy Attack or a Skewer when Gladiator successfully lands Fuscina Ictus on an Out of Stamina opponent to increase the move's damage potential. We'll keep an eye on how this performs in the near future.


  • Echo Strike is now Unblockable
  • Echo Strike now deals 20 damage (down from 30)
  • Crescent Jab and Crescent Step are now Enhanced
  • Crescent Jab can now be performed at 100ms to 400ms during a Front Dodge (was 300ms static)
  • Updated weapon trajectories for all side Heavy attacks to better match their weapon visuals

Developer's Comment: With these changes, Nuxia should perform better in multiple situations - Echo Strike no longer needs Nuxia to change her stance to have a better chance of dealing damage, her Dodge Attacks being Enhanced means she should have a slightly better chance at getting into her chains, and her Side Heavy attacks should be better when she is outnumbered. With the change to Echo Strike, we also had to lower the damage output of the move to be more in-line with other Deflect followups that are guaranteed.


  • Tengukaze now costs 12 stamina (down from 20)

Developer's Comment: Tengukaze was costing too much stamina - as a tool to open up opponents, we want Kyoshin to be able to use it more often.


  • Heavy Finishers now deal 28 damage (down from 32)

Developer's Comment: With easy access to the buff given by Winner's Advantage, Zhanhu could constantly threaten with easily accessible high damage Heavies. With this change, Zhanhu's damage curve should be closer to what other heroes can deal.


  • Walk the Plank now deals 24 damage (down from 27)
  • Walk the Plank now feeds 30 revenge (up from 27)
  • Cavalier Dance now deals 12 damage (down from 14)
  • Chain link timings from all attacks that lead to Pistol Blast on miss are now 300ms (up from 200ms)

Developer's Comment: Pirate was still slightly overperforming in some situations; with these changes, the hero's damage should be more in-line with other heroes, and her ganking potential should be slightly lowered. We've also addressed an issue where in some situations Pistol Blast was guaranteed when hitting external opponents after the hit timing and target swapping to them. With these new timings, Pistol Blast (non-guaranteed version) should no longer be guaranteed under these circumstances.


  • Dodge Kicks now Pin for 800ms (down from 1100ms)
  • Shadow Strike now deals 14 damage (down from 18)

Developer's Comment: Shinobi's Dodge Kicks were pinning opponents for a long period of time, giving allies a lot of time to land attacks. At this timing, Shinobi's follow-ups are still guaranteed, but should Shinobi not decide to follow-up, opponents should have to be more precise in their ganking setups. We've also lowered Shadow Strike's damage as the potential damage output off a single Heavy Parry with Shinobi was too strong, considering the follow-up options.


  • Sidestep Strike now has 400ms of recovery on miss (down from 700ms total)
  • Sidestep Strike now has 500ms of recovery on hit/non-interrupted block (down from 700ms each)
  • Riposting Stab now pushes a Medium hit reaction
  • Riposting Stab now has 400ms of recovery on hit

Developer's Comment: Peacekeeper's side dodge attacks, considering they cannot chain, were too vulnerable, both on hit, block and miss. With these new timings, they should be not only safer, but also give frame advantage when blocked, letting Peacekeeper continue her offense in a slightly safer way. We've also updated her Riposting Stab as well to be safer and to give even more frame advantage when landed by adjusting its hit reaction so that Peacekeeper can apply more pressure under these situations.


Developer's Comment: Valkyrie's Rework revolves around one main pillar: Shield Tackle. The move, which was accessible from Back Dodge, was problematic as it could avoid mixups while not providing the actual defensive option it was intended to provide, which is blocking attacks and retaliating. We've thus replaced Shield Crush with Shield Tackle, giving Valkyrie a unique option where she can cancel many attacks into a Full Block move that also leads to a fast Bash. With this new option, Valkyrie has new options to attack while defending and defend while attacking.

We've also adjusted many of Valkyrie's options to be more viable - her Sweep has been sped up, we've adjusted Side Heavy trajectories, improved her forward movement so Feint to Guard break lands more consistently in chains, improved her Dodge attacks to give her better maneuverability and options, and increased her speed while out of lock to improve her rotation speed.

We'll be keeping an eye on the hero to see where she settles in the meta and make other adjustments accordingly.

Shield Tackle

  • No longer accessible from Back Dodge
  • Is now accessed by cancelling in-lock Heavy Attacks and Zone Attack with Guard Break during their start-up
  • Can also be accessed from Front Dodge at 100ms to 400ms
  • No longer costs Stamina to Enter and Block while in the holding stance
  • Feint recovery is now 200ms (down from 400ms)
  • Shield Tackle Strike now costs 12 stamina (down from 20)
  • Shield Tackle Strike can now chain on miss
  • Shield Tackle Strike has a new dedicated follow-up on hit
  • Attack is 400ms
  • Costs 9 stamina
  • Deals 20 damage
  • Counts as 2nd hit in chain

Shield Crush:

  • All instances of Shield Crush have been removed and replaced with Shield Tackle


  • Attack Speed is now 500ms (down from 600ms)
  • Adjusted trajectories to not hit Walls and multiple players
  • Now moves forward for 2.25m (up from 1.75m)
  • Can no longer unbalance allies or opponents in Revenge Armor

Sweep Follow-up:

  • Now deals 24 damage (down from 26)
  • Increased forward movement to ensure it hits while opponents are in slopes
  • Miss Recovery is now 800ms (down from 1100ms) and now regains defense in the last 300ms
  • Hit Recovery is now 700ms (down from 1000ms)
  • Pin Duration is now 900ms (down from 1000ms)

Heavy Openers:

  • Miss Recovery is now 800ms (down from 900ms)

Second Light Attack in Chains:

  • Top Light in Chain is now 500ms (up from 400ms)
  • Top Light in Chain now deals 13 damage (up from 9)
  • All sides now more forward more

Second Heavy in Chains:

  • Miss Recoveries are now 800ms (down from 1000ms)
  • Hit and Block Recoveries are now 800ms (down from 1000ms on top and 900ms on side)
  • Interrupt Block Recoveries are now 900ms (down from 1100ms on top and 1000ms on side)
  • Top Heavy in Chain now moves forward 4m (up from 3m)
  • Side Heavies in chain now move forward 3.5m (up from 2.5m)
  • All recoveries now regain defense in their last 300ms
  • Added Defense in the last 300ms of those recoveries
  • Updated Side Heavies in Chain trajectories to better match weapon visuals

Light Attack Finishers:

  • Top Light Finisher is now 500ms (up from 400ms)
  • Light Finishers now deal 15 damage (up from 10 on Top and 14 on Sides)
  • Side Light Finishers no longer cause Stamina Damage, no longer pause Stamina Regeneration, and no longer Stun
  • Side Light Finishers now move forward 0.5m more
  • Side Light Finishers Miss Recoveries now regain defense in the last 300ms
  • Side Light Finishers Hit Recoveries are now 700ms (down from 800ms)
  • Side Light Finishers Pin Duration is now 900ms (down from 1000ms)

Heavy Finishers:

  • Top Heavy Finisher now moves forward 4m (up from 3m)
  • Side Heavy Finishers now move forward 3.5m (up from 2.5m)
  • Update Side Heavy Finisher trajectories to better match weapon visuals

Sprint Attack:

  • Now initiates chains

Zone Attack:

  • First Hit is now 500ms (down from 700ms)
  • Now costs 30 stamina (down from 60 stamina)
  • Second Hit now regains defense in the last 300ms of its recovery

Front Dodge Attack:

  • Is now Enhanced
  • Now moves forward 4.5m (up from 3m)
  • Added Defense in the last 300ms of all recoveries

Side Dodge Attack:

  • Are now Enhanced
  • Now has more side and forward movement
  • Added Tracking Break from 33ms to 233ms
  • Now has invulnerability until 233ms (up from 200ms)
  • Added Defense in the last 300ms of all recoveries

Shoulder Pin (Deflect Follow-up)

  • Attack Speed is now 200ms
  • Bleed effect from Shoulder Pin now stacks
  • Recovery on Hit is now 800ms (down from 900ms)
  • Updated input comfort for links to chains
  • Pin Duration is now 800ms (down from 1100ms)

Other changes:

  • Increased the movement speed of by 0.25m per second when Out of Lock and Out of Stamina
  • Front dodge now lasts for 900ms (down from 1000ms)


Developer's Comment: Tiandi did not need many changes to become viable, and as such we've focused on two major aspects of the hero: Dodge Recovery Cancels and Dragon Kick.

We've made Tiandi able to cancel all of their attack recoveries into Dodges so that the hero gains many new options and safety; with this change, the hero should be able to perform much better in group fights.

We've also improved Dragon Kick so that it can be feinted; while the soft feint to Tiger Dodges work to counter dodges, Tiandi now has access to more options than before and does not need to commit to a Dodge Light attack to be able to counter opponents.

Finally, it is important to note that the changes listed represent the changes from the previous Live version of Tiandi and not from the Testing Grounds version of Tiandi. This means that the experiments we had with Side Dodge Heavy attacks being faster as well as removing the dodge cancel option from Dragon Kick were discarded and remain the same as they were on the previous Live version of Tiandi, due to negative feedback. Testing Grounds are a way for us to test new ideas, and changes on the Testing Grounds do not necessarily represent what eventually gets changed on the Live version of the game.

Flow Like Water

  • Can now cancel any attack recovery into a Dodge at 300ms

Palm Strike and Palm Strike Follow-ups

  • Input for Palm Strike changed to Front Dodge + Guard Break (was Walk Back + Guard Break)
  • Palm Strike Heavy follow-up removed; now chains to Heavy Finishers
  • No longer causes Stamina Damage and no longer pauses Stamina Regeneration

Dragon Kick:

  • Dragon Kick can now be feinted
  • No longer causes Stamina Damage and no longer pauses Stamina Regeneration
  • On hit, now chains to a dedicated follow-up
  • Accessed by pressing Heavy Attack
  • Deals 24 damage
  • 700ms
  • Costs 12 stamina

Top Dragon Dodge:

  • Now deals 15 Damage (down from 22)

Developer's Comment: We wanted to avoid a situation where dodge cancelling hitting Dragon Kick into a Top Dragon Dodge would create a Vortex, which made the move feel bad for most players during the TG, so we are changing the values at which the kick is available, but lowering the damage so that doing the Vortex is not strictly a better option than doing the Dragon Kick Follow-up. We will still monitor the situation to see if the new value feels too low.

Side Dragon Dodge:

  • Miss Recovery is now 800ms (down from 900ms)
  • All Recoveries will now have defense in the last 300ms

Heavy Attack Finishers:

  • Adjusted trajectories to better match weapon visuals

Out of Lock Attacks:

  • Out of Lock Chain Finishers are now performed in Left Stance (were Top Stance)

Reducing Shared Executions' Vulnerability

  • Executions no longer force the hero to enter the Out of Lock state on exit
  • Executions no longer force specific stance directions on exit
  • Shared executions can now enter the Locked state 100ms earlier when the execution is completed

Developer's Comment: We are standardizing executions with this change so that players are no longer forced into an Out of Lock state and lose precious time during fights by needing to manually lock on to opponents. Note that this did not occur with every single execution, but the behavior should now be the default one.

FOV Slider

  • Added the option to modify the Field of View on Playstation and Xbox

Nvidia Ansel in Spectator Mode

  • Added Nvidia Ansel support to Spectator Mode; you can now activate Ansel while spectating a friend in any supported Game Mode. This will allow you to use the same Ansel features that are available in Training and Campaign when spectating your friends.
  • NVIDIA GPU - Ansel is an NVIDIA specific feature.
  • Ubisoft Connect Friend - To spectate a match, you must be friends with that user on Ubisoft Connect. ensure they have the option "Allow Spectators" is enabled. 



Guard Break

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed the Jiang Jun, Gladiator and Shaolin to not be able to change stance during a Guard Break Start up (FH-3462)


  • [Bug Fix] Adjusted Flail Uppercut animation to allow for better blending
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed the Conqueror Charged Heavy Attack to be flickered into a Top Heavy (FH-3274)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Shaolin Attack Trails to be missing from Out of Lock Attacks (FH-4319)

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Shaolin Heavy Finisher to have a different timing when done in lock versus out of lock (FH-4062)

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Shaolin's "Invigorate" feat to triggers if canceling Qi stance with dodge attacks (FH-4059)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Tiandi "Top Tiger Dodge" animation to snap if performed after a Side Opener (FH-2565)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Warmonger "Preying Claw" to cause Bleed Damage even if countered by Black Prior "Bulwark Counter" (FH-4555)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Warmonger the transition between running attack and chained right to not work as intended (FH-538)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Jormungandr weapon to have odd animation in certain circumstances (FH-4048)
  • [Bug Fix] ] Fixed an issue that caused the Jormungandr "Jotunn Farewell" after a zone attack uses the incorrect animation (FH-2569)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Medjay to be unable to influence the movement direction of Out of Lock Attacks (FH-4469)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed Shaman players to be able to use their Predator's Hunger bash to break collision and push enemy players outside of the game area near Point C on High Fort map
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed players to be able to break collision around one of the shipwrecks in the attacker spawn point on Beachhead map (FH-4517)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Explosive of the destruction of a house near the second Attacker spawn point, Inner Gate stage, on the Kazan Castle map to be missing Sound Effects (FH-3011)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Weekly Event Order to sometimes not deliver the rewards


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Smoke Bomb Feat to permanently muffle the sounds of battle (FH-4603)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused players to be able to lock on allies when using Paired Emotes
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Paired Emotes to be able to lead into long unavoidable attacks on enemy players in certain circumstances (FH-1938)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Pirate "Devourer" chest buttons to wrap and be distorted as they move (FH-4724)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the "Crimson Conquest" Mood Effect audio to loop infinitely for the duration of the match if interrupting an action that uses said Mood Effect (FH-4661)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Raider to be missing the "Well Treated 2" paint pattern after unlocking the Treat Bringer outfit
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Berserker "Gleip", "Glamr", "Haugbui", and "Grettis" helms do not apply the material color (FH-4475)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Kyoshin "Bunkaisan" Chest to have a fauld in front below the waist (FH-4418)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to access the Social Menu to send or accept cross-platform invites when on the team selection screen of a Custom Match
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Training Trial Grades to not update when completing them with a higher grade (FH-4626)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Players that join a match in progress to be unable to see the available options after using the tilde key on keyboard or LB on controllers (FH-4351)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Characters to appear in a T-Pose when activating Nvidia Ansel in Story Mode (FH-4675)

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