12 7 2020

Space Monkey Program: The Road Ahead

Hello Space Monkeys!

Over the past three years, we’ve been striving to provide you with the latest news and insight into the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2. From getting your feedback and inspiration via blog articles, to livestreaming our Space Monkey Report dev updates, to getting a chance to meet some of our Space Monkeys in person at events, we have truly cherished these moments to be able to interact with BGE’s biggest fans!

As we announced last year, we are currently concentrating on core development and production milestones, so rest assured that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is well underway.

We know a lot of you are clamoring to see gameplay footage, to learn more details about the gameplay experience currently under development, and (of course) to get your hands on the game. We are committed to providing our Space Monkeys with these opportunities when the time is right, but we’re just not there yet and once we are, you’ll be the first to know. With this in mind, in-game footage, Space Monkey Report livestreams, and our presence at events – whether digital or in-person – will be extremely limited for the time being.

But fear not: Space Monkeys remain our top priority in everything we do, and we aren’t going anywhere! As previously announced, our HITRECORD partnership allowing the community to collaborate and contribute art and music to the game is still going strong, and we will also keep providing you with updates about the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

As a Space Monkey, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy sharing the development journey with us and, as always, we would love your feedback! Please join the conversation by sharing your comments in our forums or by using #BGE2.


-The BGE2 Team

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