18 3 2020

HITRECORD Highlights

Since we extended our partnership with HITRECORD, as announced during Space Monkey Report #6, you, our fans, community and Space Monkeys, have again been sharing plenty of contributions for the opportunity to be featured into the game!

Today, we’d like to show you a selection of the contributions we really liked. At this stage of the process, some of the pieces below are still in development and not yet final. However, they certainly grabbed our attention… and the good news is you can still contribute to the creation of some of them!

  1. Hybrid for Life: A super energetic hip-hop beat with a nice Tokyo Drift flavor and powerful chorus. This was love at first listening when we pressed play! This track comes originally from @Mitsugi321, who built upon a track contributed by @OrelusOne. We’ve linked here a really great edit from @Whitey_Filth that includes amazing contributions from users such as @robinwebb, @princesslettuce, @that, @denissetakes, @Eric_B, @JesterOfDestiny, @Samuel_Stokes, @gabbyfresh, @PaulineSLF, @newantique, and @pablojgarmon!

  2. Bang Bang: Relentless and super punchy with kick-ass fast-paced drums, a German rapped verse and a crazy vibe to it. This song has so much energy - listening to it gets us so hyped up! This song began with an instrumental by @robinwebb, and then @princesslettuce, @Ritubajaj, and @Didjelirium got the vocals going! Here we’ve linked a rockin’ edit from @Valomat which includes contributions from the aforementioned folks, as well as @EPICtheBUTCHER, @Nash, and @Jayhan!

  3. Good Villains: Low tempo with a rock-solid groove and some very nice synth textures, this song truly stood out. Begun with an instrumental from @FF_Soundsystem and vocals from @Didjelirium, check out what it’s become now with a new edit from @FF_Soundsystem, featuring contributions and remixes from @denissetakes, @Whitey_Filth, @robinwebb, and @princesslettuce!

  4. Light That Shit Up (Project Ongoing HERE!): Awesome vocals, with silly but very funny lyrics, and a thousand guitars with enough energy to power up a mothership, we think this song would really make people want to Light that System 3 up! Started as a rockin’ instrumental from @Asoria, @denissetakes came in and established the vocal theme of the song - lighting shit up and blowing shit up. Check this explosively cool remix from @Asoria, which includes contributions and remixes from @BerlinStold, @Guitarmichael, @pablojgarmon, @PresTightrhymes, @Moebywan, @JesterOfDesinty, @Nash, and @laprincee!

  5. Monkey Ship Jam (Project Ongoing HERE!): This Indian flavored techno beat started by @robinwebb really filled our pirate hearts with love. This is exactly what we hoped when gave this theme as an idea, and we could very well imagine this in a hybrid nightclub! Check out the new edit from @Krrr, featuring contributions from @CANewman, @AlexGaumond, @denissetakes, and @garrek!

  6. Woop Woop (Bad Panda) (Project Ongoing HERE!): The gangsta-panda character just does it for us! The mix of languages makes it very BGE2 and we can picture this not-so-cute panda wreaking havoc throughout System 3. Check out this edit @Krrr made of this song started by @newantique, featuring contributions from @Whitey_Filth, @EPICtheBUTCHER, @JesterOfDestiny, @gabbyfresh, and @FoxAndMew!

  7. Goremog for the Radio Cheeta Call-Ins: The character presented here is so easy to imagine! We visualize a very small chameleon hybrid: a little guy trying to act all big and tough. So easy to make fun of him… until he crushes your skull! Really fun voiceover from @EPICtheBUTCHER, with writing from @A_Real_Actor.

  8. Horny Callum for the Radio Cheeta Call-Ins:
    Probably the most daring contribution we got so far, courtesy of @DuncanSteven! And what's better than this for Beyond Good and Evil 2 given the game takes place in a world of pirates who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is!

  9. One of our favorite pieces of band art so far is this article’s featured image from @stJae and @magic, The Big Band, with its menacing hybrid pigs and a bad-ass art style. We want to turn this into a piece of album art for the space pirate radio song “THROW EM IN THE BRIG” - get involved HERE!

BGE2 - Magic - The Big Band

  1. Glitch Void (pictured below), with its bright neon accents and unique composition, make this another of the Band Art Albums we’re keeping a close eye on. Really cool collaboration between @Vitrashark and @Xeniarta that’s being developed further HERE!

BGE2 - Glitch - Void

Learn more about the HITRECORD/BGE2 Community Collaboration and get involved at:

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