December 4, 2023

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 Content Overview

Welcome back, festival-goers!

The Motorfest is quickly approaching its first big update, so everyone from the The Crew team wanted to take the time to thank everyone for an amazing first season!

With Season 2 right around the corner we have some exciting new content waiting for you. O'ahu has proven itself to be the perfect setting for the ultimate car culture festival and the next season will offer a new playlist, a new playground, and - of course - new cars to unlock and explore for veterans and newcomers alike!

While Season 1 was all about celebrating car culture all around the world, this time you should buckle up for a very special guest arriving on the island:
HOONIGAN joins us on Hawaii for an entertaining and exciting experience.

We are excited to show you what else is coming up this season, just keep on reading to find out more!

[TCM] The Crew Motorfest Season 2 Content Overview - S2 INFOGRAPHIC


You heard it right! HOONIGAN is joining us on the main stage, bringing all the jaw-dropping stunts & madness. For 3 months, you'll get to test your skills on the asphalt, and be part of your own Gymkhana!

First off, make sure that you check out the Main Stage regularly - each month, racers can progress through its challenges to become LEGENDS of The Crew Motorfest and earn special rewards for their racing skills.

Our first month of content brings you weekly themes like "Street Custom" & "Gymkhana HOONIGAN". Hit the city and show us your moves. Just how savvy are you with custom cars? How flashy are you with your Gymkhana? Can you prove that no one can outdo a custom-street car with a crafty driver behind the wheel? All these questions, and more, can only be answered one way - on the streets!

In December, the Legend vehicle reward is the unique Chevrolet 3100 Big-Block Edition (1951)!

[TCM] The Crew Motorfest Season 2 Content Overview - S2 LEGEND

January will invite you to weekly themes like "Drift Performance" & "Under Pressure". Demonstrate the true meaning of the word Performance. Chanel the HOONIGAN in you and challenge the peak of driving ability and skill, or simply showboat your drifting bravado. This month, the Performance Showcase puts forward the contrast between old and new, power and finesse - and the will to win it all.

Finally in February we offer you the race to the top, the thrill of the win - it's the month that highlights the very apex of what racing is all about. Kick off the lunar new year with speed and determination - and then it's all about ways to win. Face off against the dexterous street cars or push electric cars to their speed limit - and to cap it all off - HOONIGAN once again shows us how it's done. It's the pinnacle of competition!

Progress on the Main Stage resets after each month. We'll see you back in January with next month's Legend vehicle reward.


[TCM] The Crew Motorfest Season 2 Content Overview - S2 STREET CUSTOM

Starting December 6, racers will be able to witness the sickest rides - pushing the limits of automotive insanity - marking the electrifying kickoff of season 2 alongside the HOONIGAN Crew. Brace yourselves for a high-octane street showdown, where raw power meets boundary-breaking creativity, in the heart pounding world of HOONIGAN-Style racing.

Let the streets ignite with style and horsepower!


For an epic Gymkhana show on O'ahu to take place, we'll need a brand new playground for completing the craziest challenges and stunts under the island sun. We designed this space in collaboration with HOONIGAN to make you feel just like part of the squad!

[TCM] The Crew Motorfest Season 2 Content Overview - Playground


[TCM] The Crew Motorfest Season 2 Content Overview - S2 GRID MASTERS

O'ahu will be the site of HOONIGAN's next Gymkhana. The sun is shining, and the playgrounds are perfect for the craziest challenges and stunts - it's all there, all that's left is to find the next HOONIGAN driver.

Learn all the Gymkhana techniques following various workshops and face offs. It I time to prove that you have what is needed to join the HOONIGAN family and finish the new Playlist by making your own Gymkhana and unlock the HOONIGAN Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX (2006)!

[TCM] The Crew Motorfest Season 2 Content Overview - S2 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX

And that's all for now, Festival-goers! We know you'll be itching to hit the streets of O'ahu to see what Season 2 has to offer.

See you on the island! 🏝

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