May 2 2023

Roller Champions Going on Tours!

Hello Champions,

We've got an update for you.

Starting this week on May 2, we're bringing Tours to Roller Champions. Now you may be asking, what are Tours all about?

Tours are here to reward you for really giving your all out in the rink. These rotating weekly contracts will grant a big batch of fans for your Pick-A-Prize, a more specialized rare Lootball, and (most importantly) bragging rights.

Just like the standard daily contracts, Tours starts with four of our favorite sponsors, Umisan, Amandine, Astoria Waldorf and Actid. Then we mix in our previous seasons to the recipe, and you've got a Tour! Think of it as the most Roller Glory-filled alignment chart imaginable. Each week will focus on maps and give out Lootball rewards weighted towards a particular season and sponsor.

It's really that simple. When the Umisan Disco Fever Tour rolls around - Staten Island, Venice Beach, and Liberty Arena will be on the docket. Win games and complete contracts to get a Lootball that favors items back from Disco Fever. Or if you're already feeling nostalgic for Neo Retro, just wait until the Actid Neo Retro Tour, or the Amandine Neo Retro Tour, or the---you get the idea!

What's more, with tours comes another significant change. From May 2nd and onward, every weekend will feature Double Fans, giving you the perfect opportunity to target the rewards you know you want to focus on. 

Items available in the store will also follow the flow of the Tours - which means your Pick-A-Prize selection can also have a bit more refinement and predictability. Add in Double Fans every weekend, and you'll get a golden opportunity to target rewards you know you want to focus on.

[RC] Roller Champions Going on Tours! - In Article Tours Asset

No two weeks will be the same for months to come as sponsors rotate between the 5 seasons and 15 locations of Roller Champions. The same goes for the items that will be available in the shop which will change from one tour to the next. Of course, that means you won't want to miss out on the items that rotate between tours, so get your Pick a Prize slot ready champions, you'll be needing it for what's to come!

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  • The Roller Champions Dev Team
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