12 November 2020

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Public Test Server (PTS) For Title Update 12

Welcome to the PTS!

We’re glad to have you participate in the Public Test Server for the upcoming Title Update 12. The PTS is a developer build, a work in progress, which means that you’ll encounter bugs and changes to game balance that might not be present in the resulting update.

The nature of the PTS is heavily focused on player feedback, and so we highly encourage you to participate in the conversation around the update; what feels fun, what problems did you run into, what should we know?

We invite you to share your feedback and thoughts on our dedicated PTS Forums.

The PTS will have two separate phases. Unlike past PTS runs, these two phases will be separated by a week-long pause.

For the first phase of the PTS, we’re looking for feedback on these topics in particular:

  • The Optimization Station – New end-game feature
  • New Weapons, Gear, and the new Skill Variant

Though if you have thoughts on other aspects of the game, please let us know!
The following content will be unavailable during the TU12 PTS.

  • Season 4 Narrative Content
  • Season 4 Events and Activities
  • The Global Event Shop


Who can access the PTS?

The PTS is available to all PC players (both Uplay and Epic) who own a copy of The Division 2.

When will the PTS be open?

Phase 1 of the PTS will be open from Friday, November 13 until Wednesday, November 18.

Phase 2 will be from Friday, November 27 until Wednesday, December 2.

Is everything on the PTS going to make it to the live game?

No. We may use the PTS to test changes and additions before deciding if they should make it to the live servers or not. Also, based on community feedback, some aspects of the features and modifications implemented on the PTS may change significantly before implementation on the live servers.


Do I have to download the game again to access the PTS?

Yes, the PTS is a different product and you will need to download the entire game client again.

Where do I download the game client on PC?

The PTS version will directly appear in your Games on Uplay, regardless of where the game was purchased. From here, you can download and install it as a normal game.

Do I have to create a new character on the PTS?

No, your characters from the live game will be transferred to the PTS. The profile snapshot for PTS characters is from this week’s maintenance. The progress and characters you had at that point will be available to you on the PTS.

If you choose to create a new character, it will start at Level 1.

Will my progress on the PTS transfer to the live servers?

No, your progress will not transfer.

Will the PTS remain open constantly?

We will keep the PTS open for as long as needed in order to get as much feedback as possible. However, once we’ve gathered enough feedback, the PTS will close and only reopen when we have new things we would like to test.


Where can I give feedback?

You can give feedback on the PTS forums, HERE.

Where do I get information on what’s new on the PTS?

We will publish all information about new changes and opening and closing times on the PTS forums.

Is there an NDA on the PTS?

No, the PTS is not protected by any NDA and you are free to talk about it publicly, make videos, livestream, etc. However, in some cases we may decide to implement an NDA during specific test phases.

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