13 November 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – November 13

The Title Update 12 PTS (Public Test Server) opened on November 13 and will be in Phase 1 until November 18. From there, we’ll have a week-long pause before Phase 2. Phase 2 will run from November 27 until December 2.

The PTS is open to all players on PC who own a copy of The Division 2 and the Patch Notes are currently available on our forums.

Throughout Phase 1 of the PTS, we’ll be looking for feedback on the new Optimization Station, new weapons, gear, and the new skill variant; the Achilles Pulse.

Throughout the PTS, we strongly encourage sharing your feedback directly with us through our dedicated PTS forums. Here you can find other players discussing the PTS as well as any news, updates, and notes pertinent to the test server.

To find other agents to accompany you on the PTS or just to theory craft with the new gear, check out our Discord server and its dedicated PTS channel.

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This week on State of the Game we covered the new 3 Exotics, Skill Variant, Gear Set, Gear Brand, and Named Items that are coming with Season 4 and Title Update 12.

The new gear introduced with Title Update 12 has an emphasis on synergizing with skills and to empower skill builds, with several of the new items having been designed to maximize the destructive potential of the SHD’s gadgets.

Check out the recent State of the Game for info on talents, attributes, bonuses, and functions for each new additional tool to your arsenal.

TCTD2 S4 Screenshot Weapon Brace Sniper Logo


Season 3 – Concealed Agenda for The Division 2: Warlords of New York continues with the return of the Polarity Switch Global Event, though with a slight change. As before, shoot enemies with a matching polarity – positive to positive or negative to negative – for a massive damage boost.

Chain together multiple matching kills for even more damage. Shooting an enemy with un-matched polarity no longer shocks you, instead just cancelling any damage bonuses gained from matched kills.

New challenges will unlock each day for the first 4 days of the event. Complete challenges to achieve stars and earn tiers of rewards. Global Events can be activated or deactivated from any Safe House or Base of Operations.

TCTD2 Global Events S3 Landscape PolaritySwitch 960x540


A routine maintenance was performed on November 10 that had no player-facing changes. A snapshot of your profile from this maintenance will be available on the PTS.

We have a list of Known Issues that we are actively investigating. More information will be provided on these as solutions are found.

That’s it for this week!

Until next time,

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