19 March 2020

Dev Blog: Fan System

"It’s no secret, behind the biggest athletes and sports teams there’s an army of fans cheering them on through their highs and lows. In Roller Champions, you’ll have to build your fan base if you want to make it into the spotlight. But how do Roller Champions’ Fan system work? In this Dev Blog, we’ll be diving into the hype of fandom.

What are fans?

Fans are your enthusiastic devotees. When you’re in the rink, you will see your and your teammate’s fans in the crowd cheering you on. The team you’re up against will have their fans in the stands too. So, don’t be shocked if you see some disappointed faces when you make that stylish dunk. When you first start your career as a Roller Champion, you will have to build your following of fans. Playing matches will help you get noticed and fill up your bleachers.

Where can I see my fans?

Once you have fans, you’ll be able to see them when entering the rink, they will be in the bleachers. But with more fans, bigger rinks are required, which also means your glory is rising. You can also see how many fans you have by looking at your profile.


How are rinks selected?

There are many rinks and each of them offer varying capacity size. The rink you play on is decided by the cumulative number of fans of all champions in the match. This means, it’s possible for newer champions to play in bigger rinks!

Here’s a look at the total number of seats in three of our rinks.

  • Acapulco: 0 – 6 000 fans
  • Mexico: 6 001 – 25 000 fans
  • Chichen Itza: 25 001 fans and more

Is it possible to lose any fans?

Roller Champions will have some of the most loyal fans you’ll ever meet. No matter the outcome of the match, your fans will never lose faith in you or leave you to support a rival team. They are here to stay! We hope you now have a better understanding of how fans work in Roller Champions. When it’s your time, we hope you get out there and start shining like the star you are!

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We’ll see you in the rink, Champions!"

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