18 March 2020

Dev Blog: Air Landing

"Welcome back to our Dev Blog series! As we have seen in previous articles, we are continuously adding and tweaking the gameplay in Roller Champions, the air game is no exception.


We noticed that a lot of you really enjoyed posing in the air, but many said that the controls were not optimal. So, we have switched posing to the same button as jumping, now you don’t need to change your thumb position to strike a pose. Just hold the button to hold your pose, and release when you’re about you land.


Rotating your character now works in the air! Combine the spinning with the poses and start impressing your teammates with your own sense of flair.


With all that posing and spinning, you can’t neglect the landing. Timing the poses so you don’t crash is just the first step. Spinning your character to follow the angle of your landing will make sure you don’t lose balance. Also, landing straight and with the slope adds to your momentum and speed.


We can’t wait to see what kind of feats you all pull off thanks to these added mechanics. To stay up-to-date on all the latest Roller Champions news follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

See you in the Rink, Champions! "

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